4 Stars for Creature Comfort by Rob Rosen – #MM #Paranormal #PostApoc


Title: Creature Comfort
Author Name: Rob Rosen
Publication Date & Length: February 12, 2015 – 238pgs


Three hundred years into the apocalypse, centuries-old zombie queen, Creature Comfort, and the love of her afterlife, Dara Licked, leave their salt factory in Utah and find themselves beneath a gussied-up Lady Liberty, surrounded by a race of fabulous drag queens. Humanity (what’s left of it) is in dire trouble, attacked by unseen menacing forces, and only Creature can possibly save the day! Thus starts this hilarious tale of mystery and heart-pounding adventure, of friends old and new, of what it means to be alive and, most importantly, in love.

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Drag queen zombies. That’s a thing. An almost-conceivable thing, in this tastefully bedazzled apocalyptic future by clever scribe Rob Rosen. This fantastic, campy, hilarious book takes our drag queens on a journey from Utah to New York City (every girl’s dream, right?) to save the world. I mean, sort of. What’s left of it.
Creature Comfort is likeably heroic and even more likeably sarcastic. Her life-mate, Dara Licked, is both wise and alluring. The other characters that come and go are affable and funny, or evil and funny. It all works.
World-building is in full force. I feel sad about the zombies, both the conscious ones (served by humans in exchange for protection) and the unconscious, groaning stereotypes. Eternity weighs heavy at times, even in the moment. It’s a nice touch.
If you have an appreciation for gay camp culture, from Lifetime movies to feather boas, you’ll love this book. If you need to develop an appreciation, Creature Comfort, with her high heels and wig and love of Britney Spears, will guide you.
Spoiler: Radiation-beam eye powers!


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Rob Rosen is the author of the critically acclaimed novels, Sparkle: The Queerest Book You’ll Ever Love, the Lambda Literary Award Nominated Divas Las Vegas, which was the winner of the 2010 TLA Gaybies for Best Gay Fiction, Hot Lava, Southern Fried, the Lambda Literary Award Nominated Queerwolf, Vamp, Queens of the Apocalypse, and Creature Comfort. His short stories have appeared in more than 200 anthologies. You can find 20 of them in his erotic romance anthology, Good & Hot. He is also the editor of Lust in Time: Erotic Romance Through the Ages, Men of the Manor and Best Gay Erotica 2015.


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