4 Stars for Cold to the Touch (The Dark Peak #2) by Cari Hunter #FF #Crime


Title: Cold to the Touch (The Dark Peak #2)
Author Name & Publisher: Cari Hunter (Bold Strokes Books)
Publication Date & Length: December 15, 2015 – 240 pgs


Winter in the Derbyshire Peaks: months of knee-deep snow, short days, and rocketing crime rates.

Detective Sanne Jensen is living in self-imposed isolation and quietly falling apart, while Dr. Meg Fielding–Sanne’s best friend and occasional lover–is struggling to cope with her violent brother, who is back in town and demanding money that she doesn’t have.

When the murder of a drug addict is dumped onto Sanne’s already unmanageable caseload, she suspects the death may be the start of something more sinister. But how can she investigate a crime when no one cares about the victim? And how can she stop a killer who has no identity, no motive, and no conscience?

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Sanne Jensen, a Sheffield Police Detective, is investigating a series of baffling murders involving a homeless shelter. She’s also worried sick about her old friend and sometime lover, Meg, who is being targeted by her ex-con bully of a brother. Meg is an ER doctor, totally in control at work but hopeless dealing with her latest girlfriend, Emily. Privileged Mummy’s girl Emily does not have a clue what Meg is going through and would she be able to deal with it anyway?
I enjoyed the story, the pace and the setting. The mystery was well told and the gradual build up of tension was ideal. Inter-weaving it with Meg’s story was a brilliant touch. I felt scared for her and hoped Sanne would be able to help before it was too late.
The romantic side story was subtle but just right. The murder case took precedence as it should in a police procedural.
The Sheffield setting and descriptions of a Yorkshire winter and the inevitable closure of the Snake Pass was great. Having spent some time in this beautiful part of the country I could imagine it so well. The descriptive writing was spot-on.
A really good read.

Kitty Kat


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Cari Hunter lives in the northwest of England with her partner, two cats, and a pond full of frogs. She works full-time as a paramedic and dreams up stories in her spare time.

Cari enjoys long, wind-swept, muddy walks in her beloved Peak District and forces herself to go jogging regularly. In the summer she can usually be found sitting in the garden with her feet up, scribbling in her writing pad. She also loves hiking in the Swiss Alps and mucking about online. Although she doesn’t like to boast, she will admit that she makes a very fine Bakewell Tart.

Her first novel, Snowbound, received an Alice B. Lavender Certificate for outstanding début. Desolation Point, was shortlisted for a Goldie award and a runner-up in the 2013 Rainbow Awards, and its sequel, Tumbledown, was a runner-up in the 2014 Rainbow Awards.

Cari has recently been working on a new crime series based in the Peak District. The first book – No Good Reason – is due for release in June, 2015, and its sequel, Cold to the Touch, is scheduled to be published in December, 2015.


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