4 Stars for Capturing Forever by Erin Dutton #FF #Romance

CoverTitle: Capturing Forever
Author Name & Publisher: Erin Dutton (Bold Strokes Books)
Publication Date & Length: August 16, 2016 – 240 pgs


Jacqueline Knight is driven and ambitious, always focused on getting to the top. But when her father’s failing health demands her attention, she must consider putting her career on hold. Though she struggles with her new responsibilities, she won’t admit she can’t do it alone. And the last person she wants to accept help from is her ex, Casey.

Since their breakup eight years before, Casey Meadow s has concentrated on co-parenting their son and making a new life for herself. While she’s happy to offer her help, spending time with Jacqueline threatens to open the box in which she’s locked away their past relationship.

Will the lessons learned in eight years apart be enough to mend the mistakes of the past?

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 FourStarsI’m not sure I can say much about this book. Dutton again has a well-written, tightly plotted, character driven romance, so in that way I can definitely say this is a good book. However, I was reluctant to keep reading once I started. Most of us have that first love who, in the sublime discovery of passion, sex, and deep emotion, we’ve given all of ourselves to. And again, most of us have parted ways, for one reason or another, from that first love. We leave those relationships missing a piece of ourselves, a piece that changes us forever. It changes the way we love, and how much we put into the next relationship. And to read about these two people, who each still had pieces of the other, made me a bit melancholy. To read about how they each hurt the other, each hurt for the other, and still after all this time cared so much about each other, it makes the heart sore for all the time together that they missed out on. So this book took me a lot longer than usual to finish. Because Jacq and Casey both needed the time apart to grow into people who could change enough to fit back together. And while the results were everything you could wish for, it was still hard to watch them go through it.


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Born and raised in Upstate New York, Erin Dutton moved to Nashville, Tennessee several years ago. No longer a Yankee, and yet not a true Southerner, she remains somewhere between the two, and is happy to claim both places as home. Her days are spent earning a living, while her nights and weekends are divided between several of her favorite things: writing, reading, golf, and her friends. Erin is the author of ten romance novels and the recipient of the 2011 Alice B. Medal for body of work.

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