TWO 4 stars for Captured by the Raptor (Lesbian Dino Series #1) by Rosetta Robins #lesbian #scifi #monstererotica


Title: Captured by the Raptor (Lesbian Dino Series #1)
Author Name & Publisher: Rosetta Robins
Publication Date & Length: Oct 5, 2013 — 80 pages


Dr. Janine Stanton’s physics experiment in time travel turns into a small disaster, and Janine finds herself in a strange time and place. She has no tools, no clue where (or when) she is, and her only weapon is a stick.

Still, all is fine until she stumbles upon a velociraptor, running for her life, she wonders whether she would have been better to pursue sports than physics.

This novella of 23,000 words is a parody of various horny dinosaur books. Do not buy this book if you do not know what parody means!

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The second half of this story redeemed the first. I love random and weird things, so it’s no surprise that lesbian Dino erotica would be right up my alley. There’s actually quite a bit of story here, in how Real and Janine learn to communicate and connect to each other.

There are typos littering this story but fortunately it didn’t take away too much from the reading. It just needed a few more passes.

What did take away from the reading for me was the first erotic scene. It’s non-con, and frankly, I was disappointed to find it in the story at all. It’s far more challenging to write consent for these types of stories, but to me that makes it all that much better. Especially since Real has such character, personality, and as Janine herself points out, brains. So consent would be an issue for anyone of intelligence.

I am definitely curious about the rest of the serious.


FourStarsI’m going on record saying I probably would not have picked up a dinosaur erotica if I hadn’t been assured that this one was decent. It surprised me how much I enjoyed it.

This is good, campy fun. Janine Stanton finds herself accidentally flung into the very, very distant past where she’s at the mercy of the prehistoric world and its inhabitants. I love her reactions to her surroundings, and it’s clear she never turns off her scientific mind.

The raptor she names Real is intelligent and about as kind as ferocious dinosaurs get, I suppose. If a giant bird-lizard can be described as sexy and beautiful, Real certainly is both.

I have no idea how “realistic” the sex scenes are, given that I’ve never had sex with a dinosaur. But they are well-written, given the context. In fact, the writing style overall is very good, despite the unusual subject matter.

Not bad for my first time reading Dinorotica. Guess I can cross something else off my bucket list now.



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Author Rosetta Robins is a pen name for Robin Roseau.

 A writer by avocation, Robin has a renaissance interest in many areas. A bit of a gypsy, Robin has called a few places home and has traveled widely. A love of the outdoors, animals in general and experimenting with world cuisines, Robin and partner share their home with a menagerie of pets and guests, although sometimes it is difficult to discern who is whom.

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