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Title: Bring Me to Life
Author Name: Scarlett Parrish
Publication Date & Length: October 12, 2012


Nathan Stephenson died seventy years ago and he’d like the world – or at least one person – to think he stayed that way.

In 1940s London, Sergeant Nathan Stephenson ignored his rank and the expectation that he’d wait for the war to be over and find a nice girl to settle down with, and took a lover. Not only was Adam Locke unashamed of his homosexuality, he was also proud to be a vampire. Back then, he was certain that his and Nathan’s relationship would last forever, refusing to take no for an answer.

One evening, Adam went too far in his attempts to persuade Nathan to become a vampire and left a mutual acquaintance, Will Bosworth, to deal with the aftermath. What Adam doesn’t know is that Nathan didn’t die – Will brought him back to life, agreeing to keep Nathan’s continued existence a secret.

It’s now the twenty-first century and Will’s back to call in the favour. Nathan’s an honourable man and can’t say no, but the trouble is, wherever Will goes, Adam Locke can’t be far behind…

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Nathan Stephenson died 70 years ago, and he would like the world to think so, or at least one person… Cian Ambrose.

Cian Ambrose is unashamed about his bisexuality, and also proud that he is a Vampire. When Cian’s attempts to persuade Nathan to become a vampire go too far, Jonathan Cutler steps in to deal with the aftermath. He turned Nathan but agrees to keep that fact a secret.

It’s now the 21st Century and Jonathan is back to call in a favour from Nathan.

The writing was brilliant. The inner dilogue is comical, found myself laughing out loud many times. The sexual tension between Nathan and Cian is palpable through the pages. The author pulls you in to the story and you find yourself holding your breath often, wondering what will happen next. When you get two intense vampires in the same room, there is going to be sparks!! A very enjoyable read.

Reviewer: Kimberley


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