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Title: Bloodlines (Sanguis Noctis #3)
Author Name & Publisher: Robin Saxon & Alex Kidwell (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: November 15, 2013 – 440 pgs


Mercenary Jed Walker and his reclusive boyfriend, Redford Reed, are all set for a much-needed trip—nothing but sand, fish, sun, and drinks with those tiny umbrellas in them—when Victor Rathbone shows up with an acquaintance in tow.

Randall Lewis pleads for their help in finding a cure for his brother Anthony’s rare disease. Jed, Redford, and Victor join the Lewises as they set out to find the Gray Lady, legendary leader of the largest wolf pack in existence, who may be able to help. What they don’t expect is to find themselves caught up in her pack’s struggles with local human hunters or a growing conflict among the supernatural communities.

Jed is abruptly faced with what it means to be human in a world rife with the supernatural, and the challenges keep piling up: fear that his way of life is hurting his Redford, sparks flying between the half-blood Victor and wolf Randall, the impending threat of hunters, and the quickly approaching war that could kill them all. All things considered, Jed wishes fishing was the only thing he had to look forward to.

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With this one you get more of Redford and Jed which I absolutely loved! But you also get the POV’s of Victor and Randall which I can say I was not a huge fan of at all..
I think with the POV’s of Victor and Randall I just really did not care, I am sorry I just had no interest in them as a couple at all. I think that I felt like this mainly because I was still not a huge fan of Victor at all.
Other then those parts I really loved this book!  This time Redford is asked to go to the Gray lady’s pack to ask for help because Randall’s brother Anthony was sick and human medicine was not working.  Redford in this book is having a hard time dealing with his wolf voice in his head and the instincts he was having that were making him violent.  They all together helped the pack deal with the human hunters that were hurting wolves.
This time Jed is having a hard time because he feels like he is keeping Redford back from being the wolf he needs to be, so they have more troubles as a couple in this book. The way they work together though is just awesome!  I really liked Randall’s brothers Anthony and Edwin.  I kind of hope that Edwin is the soul mate that Victor was talking about for David in the last book Blood in the Sand.
You get more action with this one which I loved, angst and sweet moments between Redford and Jed.
All together I really liked most of this book!
I would definitely recommend this series!


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