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Title: Blood in the Sand (Sanguis Noctis #2)
Author Name & Publisher: Robin Saxon & Alex Kidwell (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: June 1, 2012 – 350 pgs


Sanguis Noctis Book Two, Sequel to Blood Howl When David, an old contact and sometimes friend, hires Jed Walker to look into a series of seemingly unrelated disappearances in Cairo, Jed jumps at the chance to show his partner, Redford Reed, more of the world he’s been missing. David’s boyfriend, supernatural expert and resident stuffy professor Victor Rathbone, joins them in their journey to Egypt, which holds many more dangers and mysteries than Jed ever expected. Hidden natures resurface, relationships collide, and instincts are stretched to their breaking point. What seems to be a simple case turns out to be anything but. David may have called for help, but he has his own suspicions about who’s behind the kidnappings-suspicions that, along with clashing personalities, make getting to the bottom of the mystery difficult. While Jed and Redford grow more intimate and trusting with each new obstacle in their path, David and Victor struggle not to lose their trust in each other in the face of their differences. As the four close in on the kidnappers, David is forced to face the one thing more dangerous than the mastermind behind the disappearances: himself.

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You get to see more of Redford and Jed together which I loved! This time they are in Egypt with David and Victor trying to find out why people are disappearing.
While I really loved most of this book like getting to see Redford and Jed growing as a couple and how funny Jed is.. I really was not a fan of Victor and David’s POV’s that were mixed in this book.
I think I felt this way mainly because I was really not a fan of the flashbacks David kept having and I was not a huge fan of Victor.  He was just so abrupt and really mean to Jed.
Beside those parts I really did enjoy this book.  You get to see Redford dealing with the new changes to his wolf after what happened with the last book.  You also got more of Jed being protective of Redford which I loved.  The things Jed would say sometimes had me laughing so hard.  The two of them together just clicked.
You get your angst, action and dealing with monsters that go bump in the night with this book also.
All together I really liked this book!
I would definitely recommend this book!


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