4 Stars for Bailey’s Run by Ali Spooner #FF #Romance


Title: Bailey’s Run
Author Name: Ali Spooner
Publication Date & Length: January 2, 2014 – 358 pgs


Bailey Chambers mourns the loss of her lover, Nessa, in an unsolved carjacking. When Tommy, Bailey’s brother becomes a victim of a gay bashing, Bailey assumes his case will be handled the same way as her lover’s—lackadaisically.
Desi Dexter assigned to Tommy’s case, feels Bailey’s disdain toward her and her partner. Through tenacious police work, Desi, is able to uncover the reason for Bailey’s attitude, and convinces her that she is sincere in solving the case.
Mutual attraction sparks, and before they can move forward with their fledging romance, Desi, and her partner Braxton, uncover the presence of a serial killer.
What will happen to Bailey, when, Desi, becomes engrossed in another case, can their relationship survive?

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This book had a wonderful flow and plot, keeping my interest without going completely overboard. The banter and connection between the two women was catchy and made me chuckle, it felt very real. There was just enough hesitation from Bailey to be believable but didn’t wander into the territory of making me want things to move faster. The supporting cast of characters was amazing and each felt like someone I could have in my own life.

Over all this was well written and had a good ebb and flow to it. Good formatting and decent length added to its appeal. I would recommend this to any of my friends looking for a good lesbian romance that has a little worry and anticipation woven through it.



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I am a native Floridian who is temporarily (I hope) displaced in Memphis, TN. for work purposes, however I hope to make it home to a partner of 17 years and our family as quickly as I can. I enjoy photography as a hobby along with spinning a good tale.

I am American by birth and Southern by the Grace of God. LOL I enjoy writing about the south and creating characters and events that I hope my readers enjoy as much as I have in creating them.

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