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Title: As I Fall (Prequel to Bow to Me)
Author Name: G. C. Julien
Publication Date & Length: March 4th, 2015 — 254 pages


Samantha Boward finds herself changing schools every other month due to her parents’ dangerously abusive relationship. When she is transferred to Murny Lake High School at the age of sixteen, she meets a young girl on a similar path who aims to teach her that life isn’t about merely existing—it’s about living how you want to live, with no regard for consequences.

Samantha is slowly drawn into a world of corruption where she learns to numb her pain through substance abuse. But when she realizes she’s following directly in her father’s footsteps, she struggles to change her ways.

As I Fall tells the story of Samanatha Boward’s life before she met Kaitlyn Noles, the main character in G. C. Julien’s debut novel Bow To Me.

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This is a very heartbreaking book. It’s a sad reality that so many children really have to grow up this way. But the fact that she realizes it led her to where  she was supposed to be is pretty incredible for someone so young.
I enjoyed  this book. It was well written although the plot was a little confusing until the end I wasn’t really sure what the book was even supposed to be about. I feel like it ended as soon as you figure out the point to it. With that being said, I can’t wait to read the sequel and find out what actually happens. I hope in the next book there is a point to having all of this heartbreaking information about Sam.


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G.C. Julien was born in Grand Falls, New Brunswick, and then moved to Red Deer, Alberta, where she spent the majority of her childhood. At twelve years of age, she relocated to Ottawa with her family where she completed high school and then joined the federal government work force.

Her favourite activities (aside from writing) include painting, playing guitar, gaming, and flying a Cessna 150 at the Ottawa Flying Club.

G.C. Julien is currently residing in Ottawa with her loving wife, Ashleigh, and their furry family of four. She and her partner dream to one day own an animal rescue organization.


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