4 Stars for All the Pretty Things by Rae D. Magdon and Michelle Magly #FF #Political @MichelleMagly


Title: All the Pretty Things
Author Name: Rae D. Magdon and Michelle Magly
Publication Date & Length: August 6, 2015 – 224 pgs


With the launch of her latest political campaign in place, the last thing Tess needed was a distraction. She had enough to deal with running as a Republican and a closeted lesbian.

But when Special Agent Robin Hart from the FBI arrives in Cincinnati to investigate a corruption case, Tess finds herself spending more time than she should with the attractive woman. Things get a little more complicated when Robin begins to display signs of affection, and Tess fears her own outing might erupt in political scandal and sink all chances of pursuing her dreams.

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Review FourStars

Such a very good book. Two strong but very different female lead characters, supported by the humorous and intelligent Samantha.
Together and apart Tess and Robins characters are a dichotomy and I feel this is one of the great strengths of this novel. Not only was the plot well written but this almost played second to the relationship between these two fascinating women.
I felt the turning point of this novel was when the protagonist was finally exposed and the two women concentrated on their own needs and the needs of each other.
If you enjoy a well written mystery and hot sex scenes then this book is a must. This is the first book I have read by these authors but I will certainly be researching further ones.
My only criticism  would be that in the beginning Tess says she has no friends, and this is entirely believable given her character, however, a couple of pages later Tess states one of the reasons for not “coming out” would be the reaction of her friends. However I did thoroughly enjoy reading this book and found it hard to put down.



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Michelle Magley

Michelle is an Alaskan author who specializes in lesbian and fantasy fiction. She enjoys dabbling in the worlds of blogging, reading groups, and fanfiction when not busy at work writing. Michelle currently has one book published, All The Pretty Things, a collaborative effort with her wonderful coauthor, Rae D Magdon.

Rae D Magdon

Rae D. Magdon is a writer living and working in the state of Alaska. Over the past few years, she has written several lesbian-themed novels, including Dark Horizons, The Second Sister, and her first published work, All The Pretty Things. She enjoys writing fantasy and science fiction, in addition to modern-day romances. When she is not writing original fiction, she (wastes) spends her time dabbling in (unapologetically smutty) romantic lesbian fanfiction. Her favorite fandoms are Law & Order: SVU and Mass Effect. In her free moments, which are few and far between, she enjoys spending time with Tory, her fiancée of ten years, and their two cats. (from the author’s website)


Michelle Magley

Author’s Website
Author’s GoodReads Page

Rae D Magdon

Author’s Website
Author’s GoodReads Page

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