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Title: The Handyman Can
Author Name: Dan Sexton
Publication Date & Length: March 17, 2015 – 254 pgs


To handy men, Jake and Cory, building a relationship is a lot like designing a home or landscaping a yard. It’s hard work, and you have to use just the right tool.

When these straight-acting laborers first meet, they release their manly tension over a few beers and something much more sordid than sparks fly. Their strong libidos aren’t used to experiencing feelings for another man, and it takes a few sticky situations before they understand the blossoming romance budding between them.

Cute and tatted twenty-something, Jake Honeywell, will do anything for his kid sister. He loves landscape design and longs to travel north one day to see the fall foliage. He’s recently come out—at least to himself and a select few. While this has him circle jerking with his buddies watching football, there’s something missing.

Cory Hamilton is tall, tough, and macho. He’s a successful real-estate flipper who prefers the modesty of a simple life instead of the lavishness his burgeoning career provides. When the Home Television network discovers him, things change and Cory struggles to manage a developing man-on-man love affair.

Step one of building an m/m romance: lay a solid foundation. Step two: build the framework. Step three: raise the roof.

But, will Jake and Cory be able to fill the cracks in their unstable foundation?

Warning: Contains graphic sex and strong language. This book is intended for mature audiences— and those who can appreciate two men loving each other.

The Handyman Can is a full-length, standalone novel. The first few chapters were released under the title Handymen Do It Better but have been revised here and include some deleted scenes.

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This story is both a sexy erotic romp and a sweet love story.  Cocky, affluent TV star Cory is well paired with Jake, a landscaper struggling to make ends meet and care for his family.

From closeted hook-up to relationship, Corey and Jake’s story rings true.  I like the lack of sentimentality – sex comes before emotion, but my guess is that many relationships start in the same way.  The sex in this story is steaming hot, and the men are beautiful and sweet.

I enjoyed this.  The plot raced a little too fast for me to develop any emotional attachment to the men, but The Handyman Can is a simple, sexy story with an intriguing storyline.



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