4 Stars by Exchange of Power by Bailey Bradford, Gacy Grant, Racheline Maltese & Erin McRae, Cassandra McMurphy, S.E. O’Connor, Charles Payseur, CB Potts, Torrance Sene, Dawn M. Sooy, T. Strange, Angelique Voisen #MM #Anthology @Torquere


Title: Exchange of Power
Author Name & Publisher: Bailey Bradford, Gacy Grant, Racheline Maltese & Erin McRae, Cassandra McMurphy, S.E. O’Connor, Charles Payseur, CB Potts, Torrance Sene, Dawn M. Sooy, T. Strange, Angelique Voisen (Torquere Press)
Publication Date & Length:September 16, 2015 – 63,000 Words


exchange: the act of giving or taking one thing in return for another; power: the ability or right to control people or things

In matters of the heart, what happens when there’s an exchange of power, even for just one night?

Both veteran and new authors make up the eleven stories about the power shift between Doms/subs, vampires/werewolves, teacher/apprentice, Alpha/beta, Necromancer/zombie, superhero/arch nemesis, and incubus/medium.

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This is an excellent example of an anthology based on a theme. In this case, the theme is the exchange of power within a relationship, and more specifically, an exchange of power where the tables are turned and the one who normally takes the role with less overt power takes the reins. The words “exchange of power” suggest to me a very basic BDSM exchange. It is one of the key phrases whenever talking about that type of relationship or scene. So I wasn’t very surprised when the very first story delved into that scene. What makes the story so wonderfully satisfying is that it shows the power of submission. By the very act of submitting, a bottom can become a powerful force in changing the mood and self-esteem of a Top. The following stories weren’t as clearly defined as a BDSM scene has to be, and yet they were all powerful in their own way. There were several paranormal stories where the betas showed their own power to those in an alpha position over them. These stories show that even though one may not be the top dog, “beta” doesn’t mean weak or powerless. The other paranormal stories are able to take you on a journey where the one who usually has less power shows their partner, in no uncertain terms, that sometimes turnabout is fair play. The anthology itself seems to have a natural flow from story to story that makes you enjoy the differences while making it easy to keep turning pages. All in all, this was a nice read
Amy P.


From How the Mighty Have Fallen by Bailey Bradford

Hadrian sat up straight and stuck his nose in the air. “And, just for your information, I have not been–”

“Liar, liar, leather chaps on fire,” Larry sang. “Shut up already, you vestal virgin, and go get fucked and whipped. At least one of us should be having fun tonight. Since I can’t find anyone who wants to do only one of those things with me, I’m giving up. Plus, Thomas’ ex is busy trying to fuck everything that crosses his path. I’m guessing he thinks he has something to prove.”

Hadrian bristled a little when Larry called Master Thomas just by his given name instead of using the honorific, but he got it. Master Thomas wasn’t Larry’s master, nor was he Hadrian’s. However, Hadrian always thought of him as Master Thomas, perhaps because he did harbor a secret desire to serve the man. Although, maybe it wasn’t such a secret, since Larry had picked up on it.

“I guess he does have something to prove,” Hadrian murmured since Larry seemed to be waiting for some kind of agreement from him.

“But is it to himself, or to Thomas, hm?” Larry asked. “You gotta wonder what went down between those two, though… I heard stuff about Kelly. The guy’s an asshole and a half.”

Hadrian arched a brow at Larry. “And what, exactly, is a half an asshole?”

“A fuckin’ mess who likes to screw with people’s heads, that’s what,” Larry drawled. “Now grow a pair and go make that dom feel better.”

Hadrian wanted to smack Larry, but the smug smartass would just enjoy it if he did.

Larry narrowed his eyes at Hadrian. “Or, you know, I suppose I could go see if he wants to do a scene together.”

Hadrian was irritated despite his desire to remain unaffected by Larry’s attempt — damn it, a successful one! — to goad him into action.

Because suddenly, Hadrian’s body was determined to circumvent any argument his brain might have made. He was standing up and flipping Larry off before Larry could do more than cackle.

“You’re an ass,” Hadrian muttered.

Larry gave him two thumbs up. “You love me.”

Hadrian didn’t dignify that statement with a response. Besides, Larry was right and he knew it.

“Go get ’em, stud,” Larry urged, not nearly as quietly as Hadrian wished he had. Of course he was loud enough that Master Thomas glanced their way.


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