4 stars and 3 stars for Heartscapes by M. J. Williamz #FF #Romance


Title: Heartscapes
Author Name & Publisher: M. J. Williamz (Bold Strokes Books)
Publication Date & Length: April 12, 2016 — 218 Pages


Jesse Garrett still grieves the death of her partner four years ago. The only thing that makes her feel alive are the nameless women with whom she shares her bed. And her art. When the opportunity arises for her to travel to Paris to study art, Jesse agrees to leave her dead-end job and take her chances in Paris.

Odette owns a café across the street from Jessie’s dorm. Jesse frequents the café, mostly to see Odette with her silver hair and deep green eyes. It’s attraction at first sight.

Their love burns hot until Odette has a stroke, leaving her unable to remember Jesse. Will Odette ever remember her or must Jesse spend the rest of her time in Paris alone?

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Jessie is still grieving for her lover who died four years ago and has given up on her art. She slowly starts painting again and glamourous art dealer Constance is very interested in her work. When she offers to fund art school in Paris Jesse eventually realises that this is an offer she can’t refuse.
There is a lot of meaningless sex in this book but as we find out there is a reason Jesse indulges in a string of one-night stands. It was relevant to the story and I am glad that M J Williamz has worked on that as I felt that was not the case in her previous book, ‘Summer Passion’. It seems that Jesse will never allow herself to connect with anyone, except on a purely physical level. On moving to Paris though that all changes. She meets cafe owner Odette and – bam!- she is totally and completely bowled over. The development of the relationship was well told and believable. Now the sex actually means something and M J Williamz certainly knows how to write a good sex scene. Just when you think life has finally become great again for Jesse, Odette has a stroke and can’t remember her at all. It is heartbreaking. I enjoyed the story from this point a lot as it showed a determined, strong Jesse who was willing to hang in there for Odette. Odette was a lovely character and I thought she was well developed. She was just the right person at the right time for Jesse. It was an engaging book, a beautiful love story.

~Kitty Kat


A romantic novel with a touch of erotica. I found this novel easy to read and constructed in a definite way, it had a beginning a middle and an end and each part carefully and successfully linked together.
Unfortunately I also found it very repetitive and tending to pander to stereo types particularly concerning the French and French culture. I was also disappointed in the lack of vivacity particularly given the circumstances and setting. I felt the energy did build up at the latter part of the book  regrettably by then my interest was waning.
Great setting, interesting concept and plenty of sexual encounters, unfortunately a little unsatisfactory for me personally.


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MJ Williamz was raised on California’s Central Coast which she still loves, but left at the age of seventeen in an attempt to further her education. She graduated from Chico State with a degree in Business Management. It was in Chico that MJ began to pursue her love of writing. Now living in Portland, OR, MJ has made writing an integral part of her life.(from the publisher’s website)


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