4 Star Review for Wolf at the Door by K. Drew #MM #Paranormal

CoverTitle: Wolf at the Door
Author Name & Publisher: K. Drew (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: July 26, 2013 – 200 pgs


For Nicholas Ashbee, life has been a struggle. Growing up in the desolate town of Constance left him bitter and resentful, craving a more engaging life. While training to be a nurse, he is lucky enough to land a plush internship at luxurious Blackwood Manor on Staten Island, home to the wealthy patrons of his college. Nicholas is in charge of caring for Lilith, the sweet and aging matriarch of the Blackwood family who is slowly dying from a mysterious ailment. Nicholas must also deal with her brooding young husband, Sebastian, whose stunning beauty immediately captures Nicholas’s attention.

However, there’s something odd about the inhabitants of this remote manor hiding from the outside world, and Nicholas becomes increasingly suspicious of the Blackwoods when a young man from the neighboring area goes missing after being seen with Sebastian. Perhaps the Blackwoods are not the loving couple they pretend to be and their respectable life is merely a façade masking an ugly secret. Will Nicholas’s undeniable lust for Sebastian place him in danger, and will he discover the truth about his employers before he falls prey to the wolf at the door?

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This is a book I would not normally read. I was apprehensive about it even still half through the book and honestly I thought many times about not finishing it. I am now glad that I forged ahead and finished this book. Realistically though this book is not going to be for everyone. I selected this book thinking it was going to be your regular paranormal love story and in fact it was paranormal but with much darkness in the mix.

This story is about Nicolas a young nurse who is trying to finish out his internship at the Blackwood estate taking care of a sickly elderly Lilith. Sebastian is the husband of Lilith which Nicolas found to be strange. Sebastian is young whereas Lilith is elderly. As his stay to care for Lilith continues more and more things happen and more strange occurrences happen that cannot be explained. Throughout his stay he slowly falls in love with Sebastian but knows that he can never be with him because of his on morals. In the end Nicolas realizes something sinister is going on within the walls of the manor and tries to escape only to end back up there again because of outside forces conspiring against him and hat is where Sebastian allows the truth to unfold.

Like I said early on in this review this book is not for everyone, it is a very dark read but also it is more then that. It is a book about good and evil. Love and hate. And which is more powerful and which will win in the end.

I would recommend this book to others but with the warning that if you do not like reading books that are dark then this is not the book for you because it is not your normal fairy tale with everything being happy go lucky but it is still a phenomenal read.



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