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Title: The Mechanic and the Surgeon (Collins Avenue Confidential #1)
Author Name: Steve Milton
Publication Date & Length: November 24, 2015 – 118 pgs


Ritter Lehman is a hard-driving Miami orthopedic surgeon whose tempermental reputation has scared away every gay man in South Florida. Despite his model looks, his hard body, and his seven-figure income, Ritter can’t find a boyfriend.

Ritter’s ex introuces him to Collins Avene Confidential, a matchmaking service for Miami’s most demanding men to find their matches. Alissa, the matchmaker, doesn’t want to let on that Ritter is her first client, but she’s confident that she can find Ritter a match — somehow.

Alissa has a chat with Joshua, the young, willowy, deeply closeted car mechanic who fixes her BMW, and gets an idea so unusual that it might work. At first, Ritter wants nothing to do with a mere “wrench monkey,” but once Ritter gains interest, it’s Joshua who is hesitant to become involved with an older man with a disreputable reputation.

The mechanic and the surgeon find each other, and find love, in the searing Miami heat.

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While I really enjoyed this book…. there were times where the POV bounced around between characters making it hard to understand what was going on. While it stayed in third person, the person we were following jumped. And the beginning focused on one character that wasn’t one of the main characters, that I found a bit… odd.
Then there was the fact that Alissa would say she always did things for clients, but then this was her first client, so it was confusing. While I understood she had other clients for Real Estate, it didn’t specify or make it clear if that’s what she was talking about.
Other than that, however, I found that I really enjoyed the characters and their blossoming relationship and how they went about exploring things together.
Beside the jumping POVs, I found the writing to be quite good and easy to follow while letting the reading connect to both the main men and their lives, feelings and troubles.


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Steve Milton writes the thinking person’s stories of men loving men.

Steve Milton’s goal is to give his readers highly enjoyable stories that convey a bit of deep human truth.

Steve Milton’s current series:

Collins Avenue Confidential
Alissa Bennett is a matchmaker for Miami’s most selective gay men.

College Try
College is for new experiences.

Straight Guys
Straight guys aren’t always straight.

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