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Title: On Wings of Thunder
Author Name & Publisher: M. D. Grimm (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: July 20, 2016 – 144 Pages


Trystan is an unchosen angel—shunned by society, bullied, and without a future. In a hidden well, Trystan discovers a carving of a dragon, who were once the commanders of demons and now believed extinct. But Trystan learns the carving doesn’t depict an ordinary dragon. Stories tell that millennia ago, the great dragon Asagoroth and his demon army nearly conquered the three realms but was killed by the five elders. The powerful angels combined their life forces to cast a spell, sacrificing their lives.

But history is full of falsehoods. The five elders only managed to imprison the dragon, and Asagoroth had cast his own spell—one of releasement. It only needs the blood of an angel to liberate him from his cage….

Asagoroth, enemy of angels, conqueror of realms, is free. But even as the angels prepare for war, the great dragon surprises them with an ultimatum: hand over the angel who awakened him or face annihilation.

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So in this book, the reality is made of three levels. There’s “heaven” where angels live, “Earth; which has no beings” and “Hell” the lower level where demons live.
In heaven, our main character Trystan is called the “unchosen”, Basically he wasn’t picked to be anything. He has no place. So he’s picked on, bullied, even ignored by his parents who are high ranking angels. His only friend is his sister.
Then he falls into a pit and finds a carving of a dragon…and not just any dragon.
The plot was actually very sweet. I really loved it and wanted it to be explored more than it actually was. Trystan was sweet and his great dragon Asa…well, he’s seriously bad and makes no apologies, but his love for Trystan made me go “awwww”. I liked that he acted like a dragon and wasn’t suddenly turned into a weak hero…antihero? Hah. Anyway, cute story, wish it was longer though. Maybe a book 2? eh? EH? 😀


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I’m a Pisces born on February 29th. I’ve wanted to write since the second grade, and I am forever grateful I had parents who never told me I couldn’t. They encouraged me to write, but also told me I should get a day job that would pay the bills, since writing isn’t always lucrative. So, I grew up with a practical view of writing. I never did it for money. Don’t get me wrong, I like being paid for doing what I love, but I would do it anyway. I have to write. It’s a compulsion. I know for a fact I would be mightily depressed if I didn’t write; if I didn’t continue to create characters, stories, magic in the most ordinary circumstances. 

I am an intense reader, escaping from mundane life and living vicariously through characters. I write what I love to read, which is escapist stories. I’m not ashamed of that. I read and write to escape. And sometimes I draw to escape, though I haven’t been doing that for awhile.

I know not everyone will like my stories and characters. That’s fine. I’m still growing as a writer and as a person, so I know not every book will be perfection. I like to read critical reviews, however, to see if they have any suggestions or valid points to make about the story. But if the review is just to be cruel, then I just roll my eyes and move on. No one is going to stop me from writing. No one is going to scare my muse away. 

I’m a huge fan of mythology. Any and all mythology and I also love creating my own. I also love dragons (who doesn’t?), and other mythological creatures. I’m a big fan of the paranormal (ghosts, demons, and angels), and classic literature (Frankenstein, Dracula, Jane Austen…”classic” varies). I was an English Literature major in college, can you tell?

So enjoy! And if you love my books (or just like), please leave reviews so other people can find the magic I’m trying to bring to the world!


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