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Title: Moving In
Author Name: Jane Ashley Carter
Publication Date & Length: December 22, 2015 – 222 pgs


What do you do when you are fated to be with someone, but face an event that turns your world upside down?
Hunter was destined to be a loner. Living in a town where everyone knows everyone, making friends was not the easiest thing to do, especially with his father’s reputation. When a new boy moves into the neighborhood, fate seems to bring them together.
Alex was not enthused to be moving again, but hopefully this would be the last time. He never found it hard to make friends, but he wished he could find that one person that he could call his own; best friend and confidant. On moving day, he gets his wish.
Hunt and Alex were inseparable. When a secret is shared between them, the actions of others could make it the best thing ever or cause their worlds to come crashing down.

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This book was amazing. With every word that Jane Ashley Carter wrote I could actually feel the emotion behind them.

This book is about two best friends… Alex and Hunter.

They first met when they where 8 years old and have been inseparable since. When they where 16 years old they finally got the courage to admit to one another how they felt about each other. Just hours after they admitted to one another how they felt for one another, their world was ruled apart. That is when the true story begins….

As the story stars out I feel like Alex is this carefree individual with his head in the clouds. He optimistic and sees no bad in the world. Hunter is the exact opposite. He has lived through a hellish life with his father and he knows that not everything turns out the way it is supposed too. When their worlds are ripped apart and they find one another again it is like they have switched roles and Hunter is the one with a good out look on life.

This book is a book that shows how a person can let fear of coming out to his family and friends eat away at him and take away from him what it is that makes him who he is. It is also a book that shows that when u have the right people in your life that being who you are is ok no matter what someone else may think.

I found this to be an extremely good book. It is inspirational. Throughout this book I could actually feel what the characters was feeling. When hey was upset I felt it, when they wa happy I was happy with them, when they was sad I felt it in my heart.

The only reason I did not get a five star rating is because there was quite a bit of errors throughout the whole books. If I had one negative thing to say about the book it would be that the author needs to go through the book and edit the errors to make it more easily to read. There was a lot of misspelled words and had to stop several times to figure out what the word was supposed to be in order to make the sentence make sense. If it was not for that then I would have given it a five star rating. Regardless of the grammatical errors I would still highly recommend this book



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