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Title: From Lies (New Beginnings #1)
Author Name & Publisher: Ann Anderson (Less Than Three Press)
Publication Date: December 2, 2015


Rafe is on the cusp of legally being an adult, which will finally allow him to pull himself and his sisters free of their mother’s clutches. Unfortunately, freedom also entails breaking the law by way of starting his own business under a fake name, and playing a role he fears he’ll never escape.

When Rafe meets with one of his primary buyers, he is made an offer too good to refuse—and refuses it, not willing to take an offer that would hurt people relying on him and the goods he provides. The lost opportunity and the constant despair of the role he must play compels him to confess all to a beautiful, compassionate stranger at a ball.

But the man he is so helplessly drawn to is instead captivated by Rafe’s sister, and Rafe wonders if he’ll always live his life trapped and watching everything he wants slip away…

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From lies is an appropriate name to this short story. Rafe’s life thus far has been based on all sorts of lies.

Rafe is not the person he portrayed to be in this story. He is in deed the exact opposite. Rafe in my opinion felt his need to lie about who he felt was his family. He lied about the business he started up. He acted as if he was a horrible person and treated people as such to keep up appearances. He did all this to protect his sisters and to escape the clutch and cruelty of his mother. He did what he has to do until he was considered “of age” to become the head of the family and make sure that all the wrongs his mother inflected on his sisters was set right again.

This in my opinion is a book about self sacrifice. Rafe sacrificed what was in his heart to protect his family and he made himself seem cruel when he was the exact opposite. Rafe is an admirable person to sacrifice what he did and in the end, because of those sacrifices he may actually end up with his hearts desires.

Cannot wait to read the next short story in this series to see if Rafes sacrifices leads him to happiness.



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Ann Anderson enjoys long walks through wooded areas, hunting zombies, and stealing treasure from space pirates. Only the first happens in real life. Besides allowing her imagination to run rampant, Ann loves editing and is glad she’s been able to make a small career of it while following through with her other passion of writing. Her cats can attest to both passions as they enjoy knocking the laptop from her lap and claiming the space as their own whenever Illinois weather drops to a reasonable degree.


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