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Title: Angakok
Author Name & Publisher: David Alan Morrison (Booktrope)
Publication Date & Length: November 19, 2015 – 216 pgs


San Francisco, 2005: A drunk driver takes the lives of two strangers: Dane and Victoria. They don’t stay dead.

San Francisco, 2006: Dane barely remembers the night he died. He suffers from chronic insomnia, relieved by short bursts of fitful sleep filled with dreams of a mysterious red headed woman. Through her eyes, he watches as she murders random people, powerless to stop her.

Victoria remembers everything. She remembers her death, the journey through the darkness and the shining pedestal holding the Akashic Records. She remembers learning how she and Dane are not strangers; they share many lifetimes spanning back hundreds of years. In each of these lifetimes she was murdered and vows to take revenge on her killers.

When mystic Mrs. Jeremy discovers the connection between the two, she learns Dane must be the one to stop Victoria and balance the Karmic scales. Now Dane must race against time to prevent Victoria from killing his life partner, Jake, who’s next on her list.

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So while I loved the authors pretense of this story and the characters I have to be honest and say there were just so many weird and confusing parts in this book too.

Dane and Victoria die when they are hit by a drunk driver but they do not stay dead and what happened to Dane might destroy his relationship with Jake.

There were a lot of paranormal aspects in this book which I loved and on the edge of your seat moments where you hold your breath hoping for the best for these characters too. But there was also parts that were just so confusing and I really had a hard time figuring out what was going on.

You get action and suspense in this book, you will also get mystery too while Dane and friends try to figure out who or what is behind everything that is going on. I am just so on the fence right now on how I feel about this book.

So I will leave this review with I liked this book but I sadly just did not love it due to the confusing and weird parts I am still trying to figure out…



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David received his B.A. in Deafness, Theatre, and Cultural Diversity from Fairhaven College and his M.A. in Theatre Arts from the University of Kentucky.  His plays have been produced in Louisville, Seattle, Lexington and Houston.  He is currently an adjunct instructor of Drama at Skagit Valley Community College and works with local theatres as a director, actor and instructor.

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