4 Star Review for Adieu Warm Sunshine by C.E. Case #FF @SupposedCrimes

CoverTitle:Adieu Warm Sunshine
Author Name & Publisher: C.E. Case (Supposed Crimes)
Publication Date : August 1, 2016


Pamela Costis is just another dancer/addict loitering at the stage door with no autographs to sign. She tells herself she’s not looking for anything, but when the black town car pulls up and reveals a tall, dark stranger, she’s intrigued enough to get closer.

Sunflower “Sunny” Darling is unmistakably a cop, except she’s really something darker, but that doesn’t matter until Pamela goes missing after their one night stand. No one else seems to have noticed.

Occam’s Razor flies in her face, but Sunny can’t accept Pamela’s disappearance as anything ordinary. She delves into the theater underworld, follows where drugs take her, but finds only dead ends.

Pamela’s true threat is inside Sunny’s own world.

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Sunny is an agent with lots of secrets and she’s certainly not sharing them with her NYPD partner.  When she meets dancer Pamela and they share a smoking hot night together she could never imagine how complicated things are about to become.  And they are certainly complicated! For the first third of the book I was unsure what I was going to make of this story but once it began to unravel I really enjoyed it and could see where C E Case was going with it.  There are a lot of very dodgy people involved and I wasn’t sure that the supposed good guys were really the good guys at all.  Sunny was so mysterious that I was never really sure who she was and Pamela was naive to the extreme.  They made a great couple though and I was really rooting for them all the way through.  Sunny was relentless in her quest and I liked that about her.  She was willing to break the rules and do whatever it took for Pamela.  There is certainly another book in this story and I hope that C E Case has plans to keep it going. It was well thought out and kept me interested, especially as things began to heat up in the last few chapters.  A good read
Kitty Kat


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