4 Star and 3 Star Reviews for Broken Women by Anne Hagan #FF #Romance

CoverTitle: Broken Women
Author Name & Publisher: Anne Hagan (Jug Run Press)
Publication Date & Length: April 20, 2016 – 157 pgs


Can two women, unlucky in love, find solace in each other?

Where do you go when you lose everything? Who do you turn to next when nobody seems to want you for more than a causal fling?

When death unexpectedly takes the love of your life, the best you can do is to try to cope and to hold on to the good memories. When your beloved’s family takes everything else you have, hope is all that’s left…if you can hang on to that.

You’ve been smitten more than once. You’ve even been in love a time or two. The trouble is, your feelings are always only yours. Cupid’s arrow always fails to land.

Can two love weary people from different worlds find strength together? Can they find more and even a happily ever after?

Fans of the Morelville Mysteries mystery/romance series may recognize these two characters, who played supporting roles in those books but this novel stands alone.

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This book almost seemed like three books in one. First, we have Barb and her wife, Lisa. We see them initially happy, and then going through a health crisis, and finally the aftermath of tragedy. Then we get Janet and her unsuccessful love life that ends with her losing the friends she was closest to. And finally, we see the two of them meet while they’re trying to move on. There are pros and cons of writing the book this way. I loved the look into each character’s past, but I felt like each part could’ve have benefited from more story, a deeper relation of their feelings and problems. As it is, the book almost seems too quick, or too short, where at the end, there isn’t much time for their relationship to form and heal. This was my first Anne Hagan book, and I enjoyed it enough to want to go back and pick up Mel and Dana’s story, so I’m looking at picking up the bundle of Morelville Mysteries. I liked the flow of Hagan’s writing, and am left with the feeling of having a new author to discover.

Amy P


Ms Hagan is an accomplished writer. Personally I found this novel to be a bit like a sandwich,made with lovely homemade bread, thickly cut but with only a thin filling.
The beginning of the novel quickly catches your interest. The characters are interesting and there is the promise of an entertaining plot slowly uncovering.
Unfortunately the center  of the novel becomes a little complex and doesn’t, for me, seem believable.
The final part of the novel cleverly brings all the characters and unanswered questions cleverly together.
A good book for bringing previous characters together and explaining how they arrived at where they did and how they came to be with the one they loved.


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Government employee by day, mystery lover and writer by night. Co-Owner and CFO of Hagan’s House of Horrors, a haunted house attraction in Ohio.

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