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Title: The Greek Tycoon’s Green Card Groom
Author Name & Publisher: Kate McMurray (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: July 15, 2016 – 218 Pages


Marriage gets less convenient when love is involved.

It started simple: Ondrej Kovac marries Archie Katsaros so Ondrej can stay in the US, away from his judgmental family in eastern Europe. Archie marries Ondrej in exchange for the money to bail out his failing company. It’s a fraud neither man is convinced he can pull off.

But as Archie introduces Ondrej to New York society and Ondrej proves his skill in the office, they start to discover a connection between them. Can they overcome the rocky foundation their relationship was built on, meddling immigration agents, gossip columnists determined to out their deception, and an aggressive executive set on selling Archie’s company out from under him? Only if they can prove to each other their love is worth fighting for.

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So, I totally love harlequin romances. I may not read as much as used to since venturing off to MMs,but I have fond memories of those books. I was excited when Dreamspinner Press decided to make Dreamspun Desires, basically harlequin romances for MM.
The title for this book is pretty fun and totally harlequin-like. I was excited to read it…but sadly didn’t live up to my imagination. I didn’t feel much connection between the two MCs and i expected to have more Greek stuff mentioned. The ending was good, but somewhere the book had lost my interest. Huh, maybe it’s just me wanting more. I expected too much. Maybe. Well, it had most of the harlequin-like elements in the book so 3 stars.
So, normally, I really enjoy McMurray books.  This one, however, just didn’t quite hit the mark for me.

While it was a semi-sweet story of convenience that turned in to more, I felt that the character development just wasn’t what McMurray usually gives her readers.

Archie seemed to want to be patient and be a good boss.  He wanted his company to do well, despite having a somewhat uphill battle to do that.  His family dynamic was somewhat overplayed, in my opinion.  He seemed to need someone, Ondrej, to give him a boost of confidence and self-esteem.  And, while Archie does see Ondrej’s skills in the business world, it seemed to me that Archie lacked the real romance part of the story.  There was a quick, maybe, why he was falling, but it was not really the focus.

Then you have Ondrej.  He seemed slightly whiny in the story and even though he is trying to get away from his family, he’s the socially strange, but business savvy worker?  It just didn’t really fit that well.

I did enjoy their friendship blossoming, but there was too much back and forth, mistrust, poor communication and overall lack of cohesiveness for the story to really take shape.  Unfortunately, there was a disconnect between what the book blurb promises and the delivery.  This had so much potential.

This was another book from Dreamspinners Dreamspun Desires series and one from a favorite author of mine. This was a really sweet story about Archie and Ondrej and I love Archie but just could not understand or connect Ondrej. There seem to be some contradictions in the plot development and character development. That always makes it hard for me to get into a book when I don’t have those connections to the MC’s. I’d have to say what I enjoyed the most about this book was the friendship that grew between the two men and most of all the ending.  That is one thing that Kate McMurray did not exceptionally well in all her books and this was no different.


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Kate McMurray is a nonfiction editor. Also, she is crafty (mostly knitting and sewing, but she also wields power tools), she plays the violin, and she dabbles in various other pursuits. She’s maybe a tiny bit obsessed with baseball. She lives in Brooklyn, NY, with a presumptuous cat.

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