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Title: Walk Me Through the Darkness (Walk Me #3)
Author Name & Publisher: Nicole Dennis (MLR Press)
Publication Date & Length: October 18, 2015 – 126 pgs


A soldier fights the darkness by going home to family and finds a flashy sound tech who’s waiting for him.

Basil Wallstatt, former USMC sniper, is fighting to regain control of his body, emotions and life. After surviving a helicopter crash, he’s spent years in recovery. When he broke down and read the packet of letters from home, he knows it’s time to return to Montana. He needs to repair the broken bonds within his family. Even lost in the darkness of his past, he wonders if he can find the path back to the light.

Sound technician for Midnight Twang, Thomas Bellamy isn’t on stage, but dresses with enough flash and style to cover the rest of the band. He’s happy to be their ‘peacock’ and work in the ranch’s kitchen instead of riding a horse. One of the first to see the mysterious newcomer, he can’t believe he’s looking upon his childhood crush which still holds true now. With all of Basil’s barriers, Thomas is determined to not let him disappear again. After all, he wasn’t the only one who loves a Wallstatt sibling.

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Basil was hurt in a helicopter crash. So while in recovery he reads a letter from his brother and decides to go back home even though he left when he came out due to how his parents treated him after.
Thomas is a sound technician for the band Midnight Twang and has lived with the band members for awhile. He remembers Basil from before he left and has had a crush on him for awhile.
You could feel the connection between these two MC’s and the steam was very hot too! Basil has a lot he needs to work through and Thomas is there for him the whole way.
You see characters from the previous books in this series too. I really liked how this author made you feel what Basil and Thomas were feeling and what they were going through as they got closer to one another.

All together I really liked this book!
I would recommend this book!



I was excited to read this book, but as I read along, that excitement turned to bewilderment. I kept thinking… “maybe I should have read Book 1 and 2 first” cause the book wasn’t doing much for me. I liked the description it gave. A broken soldier, Basil, coming back home after some intense rehab after losing his lover and friends in a helicopter crash during a mission. He had survival’s guilt down pack. Then he meets Thomas, an out and proud twink who’s been in love with Basil since he was a kid. I was rooting for them before I even read the book, but something didn’t feel right.
Basil was clearly still mourning his dead love and friends when he came back home, yet he hoped in bed with Thomas pretty fast. Too fast in my opinion. No sweet, slow burn for this couple. They were making out like seconds after the met. I was disappointed and that disappointment shadowed me through the rest of the book.
3 is pretty much my fall back rating when a book like this comes my way. I didn’t HATE it, but I didn’t really like it either, but not disliked it enough to give it a 2. So 3 it is.


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