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Title: Wait Until Dawn (Southern Spirits #4)
Author Name & Publisher: Bailey Bradford (Pride Publishing)
Publication Date & Length: September 8, 2015  – 97 pgs


Beware of what follows you back from the dead…

Detective Rich Montoya was attacked by Sheriff Stenley’s stalker in When the Dead Speak. A year later, Rich is having a rough time, haunted by a malevolent spirit that’s making his already fragile existence hellacious.

Rich, who’s kept to himself for the past year, is scarred more than physically. The last thing he thinks he needs is a lover, little does he know…Chris Neeland is a big guy who drives a big rig, and all it takes is one look at the sexy, wounded man driving the cute little Miata and Chris is sunk. His mystical mother always told him love would hit Chris like a bolt of lightning, fast and hard and not without pain, but he kind of hadn’t believed her until he meets Rich.

Reader Advisory: This book is part of a series but may be read as a stand alone title.”

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This book was about Rich, who was tortured in book two and Chris a truck driver who helped Rich out on the side of the road.  Once again instant sex. You have too feel so bad for Rich for all he went through being tortured.  Chris was a good choice for him, he was very caring.

The story seemed a little rushed, I’m still not sure how Rich got the spirits gone. But once again I liked the paranormal angle of the story, very entertaining.



While I liked this book…. It just moved way to fast for me.
You have Richard who is battling a spirit that is attacking him after his was attacked and tortured trying to help Laine in book #2.
Then there was Chris who is a truck driver Richard meets on the way to Laines for help who also happens to be a wiccan.
Well I felt like they meet then the next scene then what felt like 20 minutes later they were getting it on in the back of Chris’s truck already in love.  While I love insta love books I just did not feel it with these two at all. Then the rest of the story gets so rushed the next thing you know Richard is all better and they are living happily ever after.  I just felt like I really liked where this story was going but everything went so fast I was left with my head spinning from this one.
So all together I really liked where this Novella was going and the writing I just would have liked more of them together.


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