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Title: Trust & Confidence (D.C. Files #2)
Author Name & Publisher: Megan Linden (MLR Press)
Publication Date & Length: November 13, 2015 – 190 pgs


It’s been ten years, they’re supposed to be over this.

Michael Lorne has worked for years to be where he is right now – on a protection detail for the White House Chief of Staff. But then his whole world gets shaken up the moment he meets the one person he thought he would never see again. His childhood best friend, his first love, the one who got away.

After a stint of working on presidential campaign, Adam Davis is back where he belongs – writing for his political commentary blog, DC College. Life is good. He’s comfortable. He’s doing what he loves. He’s… not prepared to see Michael walking back into his life.

Nothing can be the same now that they have met, but what will happen next? Is their past truly behind them or are there some things that were never meant to end?

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I enjoyed the first book of this series and knew that I would want to continue with this series.

Let me start by saying Adam will never win boyfriend of the year awards in this story.  He was very hard for me to like.  Not only was he cowardly ten years prior in his relationship with Michael, but he was cowardly again in the present relationship.  I wanted to shake him and ask what was wrong with him!

Michael, I loved.  He was steady, lovable, kind and you knew, deep down how much he cared for Adam.  Despite him being content with his life, he was also wondering what could have been.  I loved how Linden was able to capture his feelings so wonderfully.  It was through Michael’s actions and emotions that I was able to get through the story with some sanity.

The secondary characters were from the previous story, so if you have not read it, it might be confusing.  However, I don’t necessarily think that it’s a must to read the previous story.  I would recommend it though, since it’s awesome.

In the end, despite the missteps and blunders, I did like them as a couple – they had a good chemistry and their history only added to their story.



I have not read the previous books in this series and I was not lost at all reading this one so it can be read as a stand alone.

Adam is a journalist in Washington, D.C where Michael who he was in a previous relationship with before works on a protection detail.

Now I will say this story really dragged a lot for me and honestly I am not really a huge fan of unneeded drama or what feels like it. Well there were a few parts in this book that really felt like that to me to be honest. The whole I want you but then I don’t but then I do… Yes sometimes that can get annoying to me and unfortunately that happened in this book.

So while I did really like the authors pretense of this story, I am just unsure of how I feel about these two characters together and there was just to much of this story that sadly really dragged for me.

So I am sad to say this book was just not for me…



I loved the first book and was glad to see that there was going to be a second book and I couldn’t wait to read it. The got to visit with MC’s of the first book and was glad to see everyone was doing really well. I immediately connected with Michael and was flabbergasted to hear the story behind Michael and Adam. Needless to say, Adam didn’t win any awards from me because of the way he treated Michael. I just didn’t feel any connection with Adam and that was even more so when Adam again left Michael. I was glad they eventually got back together but somehow I don’t expect it to last. The author’s writing style was excellent and the characters amazing.



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