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Title: Three Sheep to the Wind
Author Name & Publisher: J.L. Kindle (Less Than Three Press)
Publication Date: January 20, 2016


The Banner Brothers are trouble—aggravating, infuriating, distracting trouble. Rich has his hands full taking care of his own sheep, he doesn’t need the added frustration of the Banner Brothers and the way their llamas can’t stay on their side of the fence. Every time Rich starts to get a leg up, something else goes wrong, and it’s always the Banners who are there to bear witness. The only thing worse than them always being around is if they ever catch on to the fact he doesn’t really want them to go.

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The first part of this was terrific. I thought the running thread with the baby llama and the dog was adorable, and I loved how lovable curmudgeon Rich went from scowling to falling for his hunky neighbors. The setup worked perfectly. Holt and Hyland’s interactions with Rich’s nieces were fun as well—I find the fatherly thing irresistible, and apparently, so did Rich.

Where it lost a bit for me was the sex, honestly. The story didn’t come across as erotic enough to carry a relatively emotionless sex scene. It was simply too fun and engaging for a fairly quick and oddly-timed session. I also had trouble following exactly how they were supposed to be making the whole thing work—I couldn’t visualize whose body parts were where, and having to concentrate that hard pulled me out of the story.

That said, it was still really funny and cute, just would’ve been better either without the sex or with a bit more polish on that part. The writing itself was otherwise excellent, and I hope to read more from this author in the future

Amy M.


Ok, so I like me some good threesomes…but this? Not Sure what it was. I mean, I know it’s a threesome, but nothing really happened. Yeah, it’s a short story, but we didn’t even get a naughty scene til the end and that was rushed. This whole book was rushed, even for a short story.
It’s about Rich, who is cursed with becoming too red when he’s embarrassed so he learned to cover it by glaring at people. Well he has new neighbors, brothers Hyland and Holt. I liked them and wanted to know so much more about them, but all I got was that Hyland knows how to braid and Holt is the outgoing brother. I saw the potential in these three, but didn’t get much of anything. There were cute moments with the dog, and the llama thinking the dog was it’s mother.
Was this a small teaser or something? Idk. I was so tempted to give it 2 stars, but I changed it to 3 because giving it 2 didn’t sit well with me. Still, I’m disappointed. This would have worked better as a full novel. ;(


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