4 and 3 Stars for The Stowaway (Journey of the Wyvern #1) by Jade Archer #MFM


Title: The Stowaway (Journey of the Wyvern #1)
Author Name & Publisher: Jade Archer (Pride Publishing)
Publication Date & Length: August 8, 2011 – 91 pgs


Can one small stowaway teach two hardened warriors a lesson in life and love?

Arek and Devlynn were once part of one of the most vicious gangs of pirates in the galaxy – The Fennrus Group. But when Arek’s little brother was killed trying to follow in Arek’s footsteps, Arek quit. He walked away. And Devlynn went with him – having been devoted to the man since they were children. Unfortunately, no one leaves the Fennrus Group. Not and lives to tell the tale anyway. Forced to lay low if they are to survive, Arek and Devlynn find themselves doing supply runs between the most isolated agricultural communities in the galaxy just to scrape by. Which is how they find themselves with one small, feisty stowaway.

Having recently turned twenty-three, Rachel is faced with what she considers the ultimate enslavement – arranged marriage to two brothers from the neighbouring farming settlement of Thebia 3. So, when she sees an opportunity to escape while waiting from her intended grooms at the local space port she seizes it with both hands. She wants freedom, adventure, the chance to visit every star in the night sky. What she gets is two stubborn, difficult, although admittedly gorgeous, ex-pirates with a temperamental space transport, a vicious past out to get them and little to no idea what to do with the feelings that simmer below the surface between them.

Life with Arek and Devlynn is certain to be an adventure, provided they all survive long enough to enjoy it and Rachel can work a little magic that is.

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Arek and Devlynn have been traveling for years together. They fled their home planet and have been trying to make it on their own.  Arek has had a loss of family, Devlynn wants to keep his feelings for Arek to himself.  They are doing a fairly good job of being friends and only friends until Rachel falls in to their lives.
Rachel is a spunky, holds no bar, tells it how it is woman who wants to see the world.
Together, they make a lusty, explosive group.  They complement each other and discover parts of each other that they only fantasized about.
This was very quick read, but it was full of emotion and love.  It was a story about this trio – with very little outside forces coming in to the story.
I am unsure what is going to come of more books to come, as this story seems fairly complete, but we shall see.
Okay, first off, I’m glad I got to read this free because buying this book for the price listed on Amazon is nuts. $6.13? Really? That’s pretty high for a book that’s like 91 pages. it says 91 on the listing but it seemed even less than that when I was reading. The fair price would have been $2.99 at most. Unless this author is SO popular that the Publisher thought that her e-books are instantly over $5.00.
Anyway, the story itself was just on “okay” for me. It’s about a tomboy named Rachel who was to marry 2 men to honor her family and grow up to be a stay at home mother. Well, she didn’t like that very much and ran away. She hid in a ship getting ready to leave her planet and meets the captain, Arek and his second in command, Dev.
Dev’s been in love with Arek for years and Arek has felt the same, but neither ever told each other of their feelings until Rachel stepped into the picture. This story was very fast paste. After Rachel gets discovered, the story is fast forwarded to 1 week later where Dev and Arek are already in love with Rachel. I dislike fast forwards like this because I wanna read why Dev and Arek fell for her and how. I don’t wanna be just told.
Honestly, even though I liked Rachel, it felt like she was a 3rd wheel. Maybe cause I was more interested in Dev and Arek’s story. lol. They said they loved her, but I feel like they could have been together without her. I didn’t read enough interactions between the 3 of them to be convinced otherwise. See, sometimes fast forwarding a story is a bad idea. The readers miss out on a lot, unless it’s done well. Dev and Arek pushed it from being a 2 STARS to 3 STARS. They were hot together and I saw so much potential for their love story. I think this is a series…not sure if I’ll be reading the next book soon


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Jade was born in 2010 after a prolonged pregnancy and labour of over thirty-four years!

Yes, she is a pseudonym. A work of my fevered imagination, which never seems to grow tired of inventing new characters. And this one’s a whopper. One that seems to have taken over my life to the point I’m no longer sure where she ends and I begin! Still, it seems to be working for us.

I’ve decided she’s about twenty-four. Enjoys long walks in the country, because she doesn’t have five kids and a husband to care for. Eats as much chocolate as she wants, because she never has to worry about putting on weight (must be all those long walks!). And can often be found planning her next whirl wind world tour or endlessly typing away (without any interruptions) on another hot and steamy erotic romance. It might be space pirates; it might be shifters or a lonely vampire with a thing for the girl next door, one thing’s for sure, she loves variety and can’t wait to meet the next characters destined to fall in love.

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