4 and 3 Stars for The Organization by Lucy di Legge #F/F #Sci-Fi


Title: The Organization
Author Name & Publisher: Lucy di Legge ( Supposed Crimes )
Publication Date & Length: March 1st 2016-200 pages


Charlotte Parker, a quiet American biochemist, is trying to live out a humdrum life in post-war, near-future London. After an unexpected transfer to a new position at her laboratory, she is drawn into a circle of friendship with her new coworkers and finds herself entangled in an illicit organization where she is unable to tell friend from foe. What’s more – a new and forbidden love interest is pulling her deeper into the fold. Charlotte must choose to continue her under-the-radar lifestyle or risk it all for an organization that may be playing her for a fool.

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Charlotte (Charlie) Parker, a scientist working in a lab in a near future London meets Harriet at a football practice.  She is instantly attracted to the alluring woman.  Living in a time of war where Americans like Charlie are reviled, brings challenges.  The Organization wants to end the hostilities with the Americans but are classed as terrorists by the Government.  Charlie becomes involved in The Organization and learns that the enigmatic Harriet is the leader – and lives a double life as a Government Propagandist with the EBC.  The story of how the fall in love and endure unbearable trials is compelling.
I really enjoyed the book – the description of London in the not too distant future was fascinating.   It didn’t seem beyond the realms of possibility.  The Organization was comprised of various interesting characters and they were well fleshed out and integral to the story.  The two main characters, Charlie and Harriet, were polar opposites.  Charlie was a thinker, increasingly committed to the cause and besotted by Harriet.  Her love shone through in deed and action.  Harriet was at first aloof, out of reach, but as the story progressed it was obvious Charlie was her weakness.  With her she was truly herself.  I was never sure where they were going – there were so many obstacles to overcome.
I was engrossed in the story and keen to find out more and more.  A good read, well written and flowed well.  Thoroughly recommended
~Kitty Kat
This novel starts of literally in the dark and definitely has a dark feel about it. Hints are given from the beginning that all is not as it seems. Many of the characters appear mysterious with hidden agendas. As the story develops so does the intrigue.
Along with the complex plot is “Charlie’s” growing attraction for Harriet. This relationship undergoes many twists, turns and even subterfuge.
The ending is tentative as well as tender, the lights are on for a hopefully fulfilling future together and this is supported by the brightness of their surroundings.
Ms di Legge is a gifted writer, her ability to set and describe the scenes so that the reader can almost feel themselves actually there is absolute, unfortunately I, personally had difficulty in relating to the main characters. They left me feeling a little cold and ambiguous towards them, this was my only reason for awarding only three stars.

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Lucy draws on her experiences from living and working in various cities in the U.S. and abroad. When she’s not writing academic papers, she avidly reads and writes fiction, tends her container garden, and explores city neighborhoods.

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