4 and 3 Stars for The Oracle’s Sprite by Mell Eight #MM #Fantasy

Cover - The Oracles Flame

Title: The Oracle’s Sprite
Author Name & Publisher: Mell Eight (Less Than Three Press)
Publication Date & Length: September 28, 2015 – 73 pgs


At just eighteen years of age, Keir became the leader of the army fighting against the usurper king while Princes Edan and Egan led the navy. At his side, willing to help from time to time, was Sprite.

A friendly ghost, Sprite likes to keep Keir company and occasionally play tricks on Keir’s sister. When the Oracle demands Keir’s presence, he expects Sprite to travel with him.

He doesn’t expect the gale that knocks him overboard and into an adventure that might just kill him.

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I thought this book was sweet and I really liked the world this author created.
With this book you get Keir who is a traveling to see the Oracle on a boat. Well he has a spirit that follows him names Sprite. Something ends up happening to the ship which puts Keir in danger.
I thought these two together was sweet but to be honest there was really no steam in this book at all. Also this book was very much a slow build up to me.
You meet a few characters in this book too from I believe the first books in this series. You can also read this as a stand alone I did not feel lost at all and I have not read the previous books. So I do not want to get much more into this book because it was a short book.

So all together I really liked this book and these characters!



Ok, so this book should have been named “Keir’s Sprite” instead of the current title, but I guess since it’s part of the Oracle series, the word Oracle has to be on every title.
The series continues with Keir, a warrior helping to protect the twin rulers and their kingdom. When he was 18, 10 years ago, he ran into a mysterious thief who had been shot and vanished with the wind. Ever since then, the “ghost” of the thief has haunted him. In reality the ghost is actually the Dragon of Air, who has run away from home cause of how poorly he was treated.
This was another cute addition to the series, though I wished it could have had more scenes of Keir and Sprite’s life before they jumped to 10 years later. I wanted to read their adventures together when Sprite first started “haunting” Keir. 10 years a long time to be invisible. The book gives glimpses of it, but not enough for me. It says the Keir fell for the ghost he named “Sprite”, but I wanted to read how. That’s what brought it to 3 stars. I liked the book, but I wanted more.
However, I will continue to read the series because I like the characters even if I don’t think they get enough storytime. The world Mell Eight created for the characters is also interesting. I look forward to read more.


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When Mell Eight was in high school she wrote a short story for an English class. The assignment was for no more than five pages, yet she had turned in ten and the story wasn’t completed. Her teacher was impressed, but writing stories for fun was her main source of procrastination from homework; handing in an assignment that actually asked her to write fiction was too good to pass up. Since then Mell has continued writing, posting in many online communities for fanfiction and original fiction and eventually branching into slash fiction. She mostly writes paranormal or fantasy stories, but has been seen exploring the real world once or twice.

For more information on Mell’s stories and future writing plans, visit her website.


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