4 and 3 Stars for Rock Rod Studios Presents: Opening Alex by Emory Vargas #MM #Erotica


Title: Rock Rod Studios Presents:  Opening Alex
Author Name: Emory Vargas
Publication Date & Length: August 5, 2015 – 28 pgs


Rock Rod Studios is back with another explicit story of sexual discovery. And butts. And also shopping for things that go in butts and being really embarrassed about it.

After performing in a gay for pay porn video, college student Alex is decidedly gay to stay. Now that he knows exactly what he wants and where he wants it, it’s a whole new world. Except for the part where he has no idea what he’s doing or who to do it with.

When Alex asks his new friend Peter to watch some of his hardcore fetish porn, Peter says yes. With one condition…

As Alex’s crush on Peter intensifies, he’s called back for another round at Rock Rod Studios. This time, the studio wants to capture his first time bottoming on camera. Can he handle another round with veteran performer Andre?

When Peter asks to stick around and watch the scene unfold, Alex is more than okay with it. But the last thing he expects is how Peter reacts to watching.

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As much as I was on edge about the first book in this series, I actually really enjoyed this installment. I do wish I’d have had a bit of a reminder as to what had happened in the first part as it’s been a while since I read it and it took a little bit to remember the secondary characters (I did remember Alex though).
It was quite sexy with a bit of romance mixed in.. or maybe lust as we find Alex isn’t just sort of into gay sex… and he most certainly wants more from Peter.
I am glad I continued to read this series as I found this much better than the first part even if I would’ve liked a little bit of outside development of the characters outside of the sex (which was hot).
I read the first one in this series, Alex Undone and enjoyed the short, hot novella. It interested me enough to want to read the second one, Opening Alex.
Another short, dirty glimpse into Alex and Peter’s sexy relationship.
The chemistry is pretty intense with these two and they scorch up the pages. I sort of … sometimes, felt like a voyeur haha it was great!!
One side note, I did find the 3rd person telling of the story a little distracting at times.
Reviewer: Kimberley


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Emory Vargas loves knitting scarves and writing about tentative first time sexual encounters and amorous cephalopods, though not always at the same time.


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