4 and 3 Stars for Relic (The Morelville Mysteries Book1) by Anne Hagan #FF #Murder


Title: Relic (The Morelville Mysteries Book 1)
Author Name: Anne Hagan
Publication Date & Length: November 8, 2014 – 206 pgs


Cases collide for two star crossed ladies of law enforcement…

Customs Special Agent Dana Rossi was forced to start her life anew after a bad breakup with her former girlfriend and the loss of job that she loved. These days, she spends life on the road, moving from one case to another until one day when runs run right into the path of Sheriff Mel Crane. The feisty, sexy butch cop is as determined to uncover a counterfeiting ring in her county as Agent Rossi becomes to stop a stalker obsessed with Mel and hot for her company. Dana is under the added pressure of conducting an undercover investigation of her own with a tight deadline: finding and then stopping a ring of smugglers bringing high end designer knock-offs into the states.

Could their cases be related? When repeated vicious attacks on Mel and on her home accelerate the danger for her and also their attraction to each other, they become desperate to find the truth and solve the two mysteries. Can they find a way to work together to resolve both cases while coming to terms with their growing feelings for one another? Can Dana move beyond her jilted lover past and find true happiness with a small town Sheriff?

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This book will grab your attention and hold it! It has plenty of twist and turns and is a must read for all crime/ mystery lovers.
There were a few times I had to reread paragraphs or pages because, I was confused about who was doing what.
Overall I loved this book and cannot wait to start the next one!
I love that a small town sheriff broke the whole thing open (on one side at least). I love that she is determined to stay with it until the end regardless of the risk or what others think of her abilities.

A very detailed and intricate novel. Differs from other books in the way each chapter is alternatively told by the two leading females.
One of the strengths of this book is the methodical and systematic way the mystery unravels.
If you enjoy uncovering the relative clues and piecing together quite a complex plot then this is the novel for you. However I did find, at times, the novel was getting lost in over particular details. Despite this I found myself hooked on needing to know just how all the clues fitted together.
The ending although appropriate did not explain everything that had occurred. There were so many questions and clues still unanswered. This first novel is obviously just part of the jig saw that fits into a bigger even more complex plot. I for one look forward to reading further novel in The Moreville Mysteries.
The author shows a very professional and exciting way of how a novel should be concluded, and, leaving the reader wanting to know more and read further books in the series.


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