4 and 3 Stars for Cameron & Erick (Storming Love: Wild Fire #3) by Laurie Terson #MM #Romance


Title: Cameron & Erick (Storming Love: Wild Fire #3)
Author Name & Publisher: Laurie Terson (MLR Press)
Publication Date & Length: September 20, 2015 – 55 pgs


Erick Sunderson is a small town firefighter living in rural northern California. And he’s gay. He’s not hiding his relationship. He loves his boyfriend, really he does. But he’s not ready to commit to either. There’s plenty of time for that later, isn’t there?

After inheriting his grandparents’ country farm house, Cameron Haddon is excited about his new life. He loves living in his new home and having a boyfriend. He’s ready for more, but will Erick ever commit?

During one of the worst fire seasons, when sparks fly, a blaze threatens all that Erick holds dear. It’s time to rethink his relationship. Hopefully he’s not too late.

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  So while I liked this story.. There were just a few things I could not really wrap my head around.
Erick was a complete jerk to Cameron and treated him really bad so the whole auto forgive him that Cameron did was a huge no for me. I really felt like Erick needed to work for it more then he did and to be 100% percent honest the whole avoiding Cameron thing Erick did for a little bit there was annoying…
I did like everything else with this story and I thought Cameron was such a nice guy that he in no way deserved to be treated like he did. While I liked the pretense of this story and would have probably been anxious to see how they resolved their problems I felt like this was such a short story that there was just no way for me to get to that point were I could see Cameron forgiving Eric. Everything just kind of wrapped up too nicely for me… So I did like parts of this Novella but there were also parts I was just not a fan of personally.
FourStarsThis was a new author for me and I really enjoyed this short story. The characters were well laid out but what I didn’t enjoy was the way Erick treated Cameron. Then Cameron just let Erick back into his life with no discussion just flabbergasted me.  I realized this was a novella but I definitely think Erick should have put a little work into getting back together with Cameron. Overall the story was good. I definitely like the style of writing the author had would definitely read another of her stories.


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