4 and 3 Stars for Branding Her 3: Exploring & Jealousy [E05 & E06]: (Steamy Lesbian Romance Series) by Alex B Porter #F/F #Erotica

Title: Branding Her Book 3: Exploring Jealousy [E05 and E06]: (Steamy Lesbian Romance Series)
Author Name & Publisher: Alex B Porter (Createspace Independent Publishing Platform )
Publication Date & Length: November 24th 2015-158 pages


When single mom Kaylee lands a new job everything seems to be falling into place. Then Alexis comes along. A woman who doesn’t take no for an answer. Will Kaylee let go of her fears and insecurities to fully indulge in Alexis or will it all get too much?

BOOK 3 : Episodes 5 & 6

  • E05: Exploring
  • E06: Jealousy
  • BONUS: Gay Pride

A whole new world…

When Kaylee Daniels moves to Boston, she not only lands the dream job but the dream girl as well. And with Alexis finally opening up about her kink, it’s clear that Kaylee’s dream girl is playing for keeps.

“If at any point you feel uncomfortable, simply say stop. The silk is smooth, but strong. It will hold fast, no matter how you twist,” Alex explained as she circled the bed. “We can stop at any moment if you’re not feeling it. Just remember, it’s me and I love you. Now, how do you feel about being my prisoner?”

Kaylee explores the world of a newfound love and discovers her innate need to submit. Together, she and the dominant Alexis make the perfect pair, each fulfilling a need in the other.

But there’s trouble in paradise…

Just when she and Alexis think they’re ready for happily ever after, trouble comes knocking. Despite being in love, problems surface and intensify, until they threaten to overwhelm both women.

Can love truly conquer all or will the couple find that nothing lasts forever?

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Having read the first two books in the series I wanted to see how the story would develop and how Kaylee and Alex relationship would progress. The writing is certainly an improvement on the first book and it flows pretty well.
The relationship between the women goes from strength to strength initially but I didn’t like how it was panning out. I felt Kaylee was showing Alex how capable and strong she was and I think Alex should have been satisfied with that. I felt Alex was letting her own insecurities push her into directions I did not like. Developments in the steamy scenes were not acceptable in the way I felt their relationship would be going. I’m afraid I really did not like Alex at all by the end of the book. I think Kaylee might be seeing a side of her she does not like either.
Of the three books this was my least favorite.

Kitty Kat


Things are heating up. And things are getting more and more developed. This seems to be the volume where all the set up starts paying off. We start getting deeper into character motivation and also into some of the issues that each character has. That’s great. And each character has things that I like about them, and things that drive me nuts. Pretty much like most people. The sex scenes in these two episodes get heavier into kink, and as a result, they seem to get a little more descriptive and raw. Which is a good thing for erotica. And I’m not quite sure why they aren’t considered erotica, or at least erotic romance, or for that matter, don’t include a bdsm tag. Because that’s where it seems things are headed. We very definitely get into some heavy Domination and submission, and include a little bit of bondage as well as some sadism/masochism, although the level is pretty light here as it’s included in some of the exploration. Things definitely end with a cliffhanger in Jealousy, and I would pick up the next volume in a heartbeat to find out what happens. One thing I would say about Alex, our Domme, is that for someone who insists that Kaylee open up and communicate with her, she definitely didn’t take her own advice. And by doing that, or not doing that, she’s put her relationship in jeopardy. In this volume, things got more intense, and passionate, and at the same time, we finally start to see where the stress lines are in this relationship. And for the first time, we start to wonder if Alex and Kaylee will make it after all.

Amy P


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Alex B Porter is a fiction author of steamy lesbian romance. At 32 years old, Alex hails from Shoreditch, London via Belfast but has spent significant time in the United States. She currently resides in East London with her lifetime partner, a talented artist, and their only “child”, Neko the cat. Alex was unhappy in her hectic, big-city career, and recently ditched the corporate world to pursue her dream of writing and curating ‘romantica’ for lesbian, bi and women. When she isn’t spinning her sexy stories to the beat of a large Merlot, Alex enjoys travel, music, the arts, and experimentation.


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