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Title: Fixer-Upper
Author Name & Publisher: Meg Harding (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: January 6, 2016 – 68 pgs


Ex-business owner and soon to be ex-husband Jake has had some rotten luck of late. His world is tumbling down around him, but it’s time to dust himself off and move on. Buying and fixing up the most dilapidated home he can find might be just the thing to get him back on track.

But Jake gets more than he bargained for when he meets former lawyer turned landscaper Dakota. Dakota is smart and ridiculously sexy—and Jake doesn’t have a clue how to act around him. After several gardening mishaps, Jake is sure Dakota thinks he’s completely inept.

Turns out Dakota is thinking something else entirely. And as Dakota gives Jake advice, an ear to listen, and helps him work through his issues, Jake realizes flowers aren’t the only thing blooming between them.

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This was a super quick read.  It wasn’t exactly insta-love, but it was close.  And, while I maintain that they aren’t my favorite books, this one was sweet, hot and likable.

Jake is down on his luck.  I wish that we were able to have more of a resolution between him and his ex, but I can understand that the story was about him and Dakota.

I loved the clumsiness of Jake and the character of Dakota a lot in this story.  Dakota is more the silent type and was patient and funny in his own way.

The two of them together was hot, sweet, gentle and just what the book needed.  Even though this was a short story, Harding had a lot of great components.



This is a short, sweet story about a man who feels as battered as the house he buys to fix up. After his husband divorces him and buys him out of their business, Jake finds himself a dilapidated house to focus his attentions on. What he doesn’t expect to find is handsome landscaper Dakota.

The awkward first meetings between Dakota and Jake are awkward and endearing. The Ivy-League lawyer turned landscaper offers Jake some inspiration as he attempts to restructure his own life.

This is quick, predictable and very formulaic read. As a very short novella, the story races from first glance to HEA without pausing. This is a romance with a great deal of inept flirtation but very little steam or sex. I felt the characters had been sketched but never fully developed. I was expecting a full novel when I requested this book, so I must explain clearly that this is a very short novella. It took me 30 minutes to read. I would recommend the story for readers who want a short, simple romance.



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Meg Harding is a graduate student, currently studying MA Publishing in the UK. She plans to continue on to become an editor, all while continuing to write. When she isn’t writing she enjoys the theatre, concerts, and lazing about in front of the TV.

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