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Title: Eyes Wide Open (Totally Five Star)
Author Name & Publisher: Lucy Felthouse (Pride Publishing)
Publication Date & Length: August 25, 2015 – 182 pgs


An ordinary girl catapulted into an extraordinary world meets two even more extraordinary men—but what will she do when she discovers their sexy secret?

Fiona Gillespie moved to London shortly after graduating to take advantage of the opportunities the capital could offer. However, months later, she’s still living in a horrid flat and working in a grimy East End pub. The problem is, she doesn’t really know what she wants to do, career-wise. So when she happens upon an advertisement for a job at a plush Mayfair hotel, she jumps at the chance. A great deal of determination and a spot of luck land Fiona her dream role.

But working at the Totally Five Star London is just the beginning. She adores the role and flourishes, impressing her bosses and making her increasingly determined to climb the career ladder.

While her career is flying, though, her love life is non-existent. She hasn’t even thought about men, never mind met or dated one for months, so when she bumps into two gorgeous businessmen in the hotel, she’s surprised to find her head has been well and truly turned. Even more surprisingly, they flirt with her—both of them! She’s drawn to James and Logan, despite feeling that they’re way out of her league.

When a misunderstanding leads Fiona to James and Logan’s sumptuous top-floor suite, she has no idea what she’s about to uncover. Scenes of people-trafficking, drug-pushing and wild sex parties all appear in her active imagination. Yet what she actually sees is something she’d never even considered before, something that piques her interest.

After discovering their sexy secret, what will she do with this new-found knowledge?

Reader Advisory: This book contains elements of BDSM, anal sex and double penetration.

General Release Date: 22nd September 2015

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Fiona is a character that I could really like.  She is a strong, independent woman who goes after what she believes she wants in life.  There are things that rarely scare her and she is not afraid to explore the unknown on her own.

Then you have the hunky set of Logan and James.  Yum.  They are a couple who is not afraid to ask for what they want and what they want is Fiona.

I really liked the setting of this story – despite it being where Fiona worked, I felt that it was a good compromise and allowed the reader to see further inside Fiona’s life.  I felt that this story was lacking somewhat in the sex scenes – I was more used to a more descriptive nature.  I didn’t get the heat from these scenes like I did in other Felthouse books.

Overall, I enjoyed this story and wished that I could see where it went.  Their future just kind of hung in the balance with little resolution.



I am really starting to enjoy the Totally Five Stars series.  This one is set in London and focuses on Fiona, recent uni graduate and new employee at the hotel and James and Logan, two wealthy guests

A good girl from the Midlands with a strong Brummie accent, she is awed by London, the hotel and the two handsome men.   For me, Fiona is a little too innocent, a little too good and a little too nice.  For the first part of the book, I found her pretty unremarkable and more than a little bland.  

Logan and James are hot.  I enjoyed their partnership, their friendship and the power-exchange element of their relationship.  Once Fiona gets involved in the men’s BDSM relationship, she also becomes more interesting.  I expected her to be an easy submissive, but enjoyed her as a switch.  

I think I might have enjoyed this more if we had more of a chance to see Logan and James on their own, or to have some of the story narrated by the men.  Fiona’s wide-eyed innocent introduction to the world of BDSM was a little tedious after a while.

I found the author’s choice of scenes slightly frustrating at times.  There are chapters focused on Fiona’s new job, but the triad’s experiences at a BDSM club are summarised in a couple of paragraphs.  I’d kinda rather see the bondage club than a job interview.  But maybe that’s just me?   

The actual BDSM content of this book is pretty tame, especially compared to others in the Totally Five Stars Series.   The sex was pretty hot and I feel this is more convincing as a menage (adding a third partner) than as a story of a committed polyamorous triad.   

There really isn’t enough romance or relationship development here for me to believe in an emotional commitment between the three partners – especially when it is only  the female partner forced to compromise to make the relationship work.  


 ExcerptOne of the door attendants she’d seen buzzing around the Mercedes was there, and he moved to open the door for her, giving a polite nod.

“Thank you,” she said, flashing him a warm smile and passing through into the lobby.

The first impression that hit her was one of space. Damn, this was just the reception area and it was cavernous. And yet it was far from sparse. Off to the left side was what appeared to be a sitting area, which was probably also used for informal meetings. It was carpeted in a lush dark purple, with round, very stylish, light wood tables and comfortable-looking black leather chairs.

To her right, she saw a couple of elevators, and a large archway, which, according to the sign over it, led to the spa and gym facilities. She suspected it was situated just inside the main doors because it was open to non-guests too.

The floor beneath her feet was marble, and large potted plants and trees were dotted around, drawing her gaze to the beautiful wooden paneling on the walls, and the paintings hung at what she suspected were far from random intervals. The whole place had an authentic, old-fashioned feel to it, but more like it had been decorated to look that way, rather than because the décor had been like that for decades. It all appeared fresh and immaculate, and she didn’t envy the no doubt huge team of people employed to keep it that way.

Finally, she turned her attention to the reception desk. It was set in an alcove, with a wooden surface that matched the wall paneling and had stunning flower arrangements perched at each end. There was still plenty of room between, however, and no less than three pretty receptionists waited there to deal with guests—or should she say two pretty ones and one handsome one, since there were two women and a man.

Pulling in a deep breath and straightening her posture, she moved from where she’d been loitering off to one side of the main doors and walked to the desk—aware how easy it would be to tumble off her shoes on the smooth surface beneath her feet. It was the sort of place where people would rush to her aid and make sure she was okay, rather than laugh their arses off, but still, that was not the kind of first impression she wanted to make. Plus, she wasn’t sure her ego could take the humiliation.

“Hello,” the nearest receptionist, a redhead, said, as Fiona approached.

“Welcome to the Totally Five Star. How can I help you?”

She’d obviously clocked that Fiona didn’t have any luggage or a bellboy hovering nearby, which was why she’d not asked if she was checking in. Smiling, Fiona replied, “Hello. I’m here for an interview. My name is Fiona Gillespie.”


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Lucy Felthouse is a very busy woman! She writes erotica and erotic romance in a variety of subgenres and pairings, and has over 100 publications to her name, with many more in the pipeline. These include several editions of Best Bondage Erotica, Best Women’s Erotica 2013 and Best Erotic Romance 2014. Another string to her bow is editing, and she has edited and co-edited a number of anthologies, and also edits for a small publishing house. She owns Erotica For All, is book editor for Cliterati, and is one eighth of The Brit Babes. Find out more at http://www.lucyfelthouse.co.uk. Join her on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to her newsletter at: http://eepurl.com/gMQb9


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