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Title: Pictures and Memories
Author Name & Publisher: Lauren E. Mitchell (Less Than Three Press)
Publication Date & Length: March 2, 2016 – 43 pgs


Tim is finally enjoying his gap year at the age of thirty-three, starting out in Asia with plans to go from there to Europe. But his itinerary didn’t account for Jaye, fresh out of high school and on his own gap year. Jaye turns Tim’s visit to New Delhi into something he never expected, something he must all too soon leave behind.

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This was an unexpected read for me. I didn’t particularly like the way the story started, however, once we got into it, it was quite good. There wasn’t a whole lot of angst or anything, but it was a sweet story about discovering different countries and stumbling upon something that could quite possibly much more.

I think there was a lot that was sort of ghosted over that made it hard for the reader to be pulled in as much as they could’ve been or connect to the characters as much. Or not explained in so much detail to help clarify things… like who owned the coffee shop at the end and how things ended up there.

However, it was a good story that I enjoyed reading with a light, lovely airy feel to it.



This was a cute, short story about 33 year old Tim and how he found himself spending a week with 18 year old Jaye in New Delhi. There really wasn’t much to the story, but I liked how the author was able to include some of the culture and festivities of the country in the story.
Tim showed a little insecurity on being older than Jaye, but that didn’t stop him from spending time with the guy. In the end, I’m glad that Jaye was the one to tell Tim that he needed to finish seeing the world instead of staying with Jaye in one place. The ending was cute and I hope they stayed together.


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