4.5 Stars for The Opera House by Hans M. Hirschi #MM #Romance @Hans_Hirschi

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Title: The Opera House
Author Name & Publisher: Hans M. Hirschi (Beaten Track Publishing)
Publication Date & Length: December 13, 2013 – 268 pgs


Raphael doesn’t believe in a higher power, or in anything, for that matter. After the death of his son, his life shattered, Raphael regrets that he didn’t lie about some perfect paradise, and he pushes away everything that once mattered to him-his lover, his job, his reputation as a top architect. Then he meets Brian, a homeless, maybe hopeless kid, a street kid. When he disappears, Raphael realizes that he cannot fail another person, and he launches a full-out search. What he finds both breaks his heart and begins to heal it. The price of saving Brian is high, maybe too high. But Raphael is no stranger to sacrifice, and he’ll risk everything to save Brian and reunite with the man Raphael now loves. The question is-how? Like the architecture of the opera house Raphael designs, the steps to regaining his life will depend not just on careful planning, but faith, hope, and maybe just the magic of love.

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This story was in some turns heartbreaking and in others uplifting. First be prepared, have plenty of tissue handy because if you don’t cry then you have no empathy.  The author was able to take this story and weave it into something amazing. I can’t imagine losing a child. The author was able to be bring across every emotion across the pages of this book. I would highly recommend this to everyone. Absolutely great!!



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Born and raised in Switzerland, Hans graduated from High School in Arizona, worked for several years in the Swiss financial industry before pursuing his university studies in Zurich and Gothenburg.

His majors include literature, linguistics & social sciences.

Hans self-published his first book with poetry and a short story in 1991.

Nine years later, he followed up with a professional book on e-learning pedagogy and in 2010 his book “Common Sense” was published.

He’s published six novels so far.


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