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Title: Sojourn
Author Name & Publisher: Geonn Cannon — Supposed Crimes, LLC
Publication Date & Length: August 1, 2015 — 143 pages


The first time humanity faced the scourge of Harvestmen, they were forced to take heinous methods to stop their spread across civilized space. Now the Harvestmen are back, and the crew of one vessel has to decide what they’re willing to sacrifice in order to extermine the menace once and for all.

“Blood and bone and muscle and stone
The Harvestman eats you when you’re alone
Skin and teeth and hair and eyeball
The Harvestman eats you, eats you all.”

The crew of the Peaceful Sea vessel Paralus have just completed a mission to retrieve an alien cleric from a world on the verge of cataclysm. The mission goes off without a hitch and the ship is heading home when they come across a derelict sister ship adrift in the middle of nowhere. A team is dispatched to see what happened to the missing crew, but instead find themselves face to face with a new swarm of their merciless foe. The crew quickly comes to realize they are the only thing standing between the nightmare of the Harvestmen destroying the rest of the galaxy, no matter what the cost.

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I’m the first to admit that when it comes to Sci-Fi I’m picky and a bit overly critical so I went into this book expecting it to fall short as most do. Thankfully, Cannon once again delivered something more than worth reading and made me fall in love with this book and it’s characters. Rani had me chuckling at every turn with her wit and the cast of (literally!) colorful characters surrounding her were deep, well planned and complimented her wonderfully.
I laughed, I cried, I yelled and wanted to throw my Kindle but I stuck with it and in the end was so glad I did. The imagery and plot devices were perfectly placed, well planned, thought through in detail and kept me interested. Well done once again Mr. Cannon!


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Geonn Cannon was born in a barn and raised to know better than that. He was born and raised in Oklahoma where he’s been enslaved by a series of cats, dogs, two birds and one unexpected turtle. He’s spent his entire life creating stories but only became serious about it when he realized it was a talent that could impress girls. Learning to write well was easier than learning to juggle, so a career was underway. His high school years were spent writing stories among a small group of friends and reading whatever books he could get his hands on.


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