4.5 Stars for Murder on Faux Pas Island (A Pancetta Brulee Mystery) by Casey McKittrick #Trans #Mystery @LethePress


Title: Murder on Fauz Pas Island (A Pancetta Brulee Mystery)
Author Name & Publisher: Casey McKittrick  (Lethe Press)
Publication Date & Length: June 21, 2015 – 206 pgs


The year is 1935 but this is an America where cross-dressing goes almost unremarked, often unnoticed, and gay relationships are mundane; gay marriage, a quotidian fact of life. Famed chef and female impersonator Pancetta Brulee of New Orleans has been hired to cater a gay engagement party for two prominent grooms at the infamous Faux Pas Island and the Robicheaux estate. Both family and island have a terrible past, and most Cajuns and Creoles avoid the place like the plague. Pancetta attends the weekend engagement party, only to be faced with the gory murder. The family enlists her and her gorgeous yet restless ex, who happens to be on the island as a groundskeeper. The two embark on a strenuous search for the truth of a tragic Saturday night. Among the suspects are a disillusioned fiancé, a Hollywood starlet sister-in-law, an old family friend and admirer of the deceased, a godmother and Countess of Romania, a disapproving mother and father, and a spurned lover of the dead man who has long been a rival for his father’s affections. Murder on Faux Pas Island unfolds as a yarn with campy humor and a hint of romance.

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This book reminded me very much so of the game Clue. A big giant mysterious who-dun-it. It has to be someone on the island as there is no way it was someone else.
Although the first murder we are the only ones aware of for a good portion of the book, it started the reader looking at everyone a little curiously. Not to mention the murder from the previous year.
I enjoyed the many twists that were thrown at us through the book that had to do with the murder.
For me the only thing missing was more on the relationship that was developing or recovering between Chet/Pancetta and Joe. There was a lot of mention of it, but it felt sort of flat and rushed when there was anything and I’d have like to seen more emotional connection there.
Over all a pretty great read!!


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