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Title: Misinformation
Author Name & Publisher: Kellan Ellis (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: June 15, 2016 – 200 Pages


Ethan Daniels, host of a popular conservative cable news program, has never thought of his bisexuality as a problem, though he has never acted on his attraction to men. Since his divorce, that desire has become more acute. When he meets Charlie Woods, his daughter’s first grade teacher, they have an instant spark, but Ethan hesitates to act. His contract is up for renewal, there are already rumors swirling about him because of a brief encounter from his past, and the last thing his employers want is for one of their stars to come out publicly.

Charlie avoids romantic entanglements because he prefers living on his own terms. He keeps love and sex completely separate, never seeing anyone more than a few times. Hooking up with a closeted celebrity like Ethan seems safe from emotional involvement, even if they have to keep their fledgling relationship secret.

The last thing they expect is to fall in love, but their strong mutual attraction moves them both to make changes neither of them thought they wanted or needed.

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This was a fresh type of read. I truly enjoyed the different angle this one played. It felt real, almost like it could be happening right next door.
Ethan is a man who is bi-sexual and always knew he was attracted to men but never truly acted on it. He did fall in love with Dierde and had a daughter, Fiona. Ethan is a true man and does everything to put his daughter before his own needs. He moves and takes a job that is so far opposite of his true self and what he believes in.
Ethan meet’s Fiona’s 1st-grade teacher, Charlie, and has an attraction to him that he cannot resist. Due to Ethan’s job at a news station that is so far right-winged that at times, it was hard to swallow what I was reading, that he and Charlie have to keep their relationship a secret. Ethan doesn’t want to hold Charlie back and doesn’t think it is fair that he keeps Charlie a secret (see? Such a true man), but Charlie is having unnamed emotions towards Ethan therefore he wants to stay with Ethan.  These two are completely honest with each other which is refreshing. I liked how Charlie was having relationship visions and told Ethan, who then in turn has tried his best to make them become real. It was sweet and love.
Believe it or not, it is Dierdre, Ethan’s ex-wife, that steps up and encourages Ethan to follow his heart. At first, I wasn’t a fan of Dierdre, but she quickly becomes a favorite. Fiona is such a doll and I love her views on all relationships. All children need to be taught to believe that.
My only issue was that most of the book took place over 5 months and the last chapter covered almost one and half years. It felt rushed at the end, even though the last scene was the best ending wrap up which is what caused the loss of half a star. But even with that, I would recommend this book and I look forward to reading more from Keelan Ellis.

his is my first book by this author and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The characters development was spot on in my opinion and the sex was just SIZZLING. This book is perceptive and I felt very accurate, this was due the author dealing with two men, one who doesn’t do relationships and the other who isn’t “out” at work and working for a very conservative news station. The author was able to make everything seem very authentic and I loved the whole story. I also loved how there was no judgment between the characters and the supportive friends and family was also spot on. The author was great at keeping everything upfront and very real.



This was a good read. I enjoyed it. There was some turmoil about coming out and there was some turmoil about work finding out since the company was against gay people but for the most part it was pretty easy going.

Ethan in my opinion was his own worst enemy when it came to excepting that he is bisexual. He worked himself up into unnecessary worth about what others would think and feel about it when in reality it was him that needed to accept himself not others. Once he did the others were easy compared to what he did to himself. I think that Ethan put too much stock into what others thought of him so ultimately he was miserable because of it and he almost lost the best person to come into his life because of it.

Charlie is comfortable in his own skin and who is. He is out and proud but he is scared of relationships but once he mets Ethan all bets are off because he cannot help but to fall into a relationship with him. Now Charlie just needs to accept that they work and even though there is work to make the relationship work, it is ok because they are happier together then they ever would be apart. Now he just needs to accept it before he loses Ethan.

A good read with not a lot of turmoil, more like a lot of acceptance of how good things can be. Enjoyed this read.


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Rear view of a gay couple visiting the Amsterdam Gay Pride 2011


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Keelan Ellis is an east coast girl for life, a progressive, a lover of music and musicians, a mother of two very challenging girls, a loyal though sometimes thoughtless friend, a slacker, a dreamer and a bad influence. She likes true crime podcasts, great television and expensive craft cocktails made by hipsters in silly vests.



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