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like stolen pearns

Title: Like Stolen Pearls
Author Name: Talya Andor
Publication Date & Length: March 18, 2015 – 60 pages


Bridgit Canliss is eager to accomplish her first mission as a newly-inducted member of the Lissian Knights, an order that protects the queendom of Aqueliss from supernatural horrors. Her resolve is sorely tested when she comes up against Sylvaine, a witch whose guile is exceeded only by her strange beauty, and genteel manner is at odds with the crimes she supposedly commits. Bridgit must protect innocents from harm, but the more she comes to know Sylvaine, the more her resolve grows to find a means to fulfill her mission—but somehow save the witch who’s been weaving nightmares…

NOTE: Like Stolen Pearls is a short story of 15,000 words and contains some explicit content.

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 FourandHalfStarsI loved this short story. It’s predicable in a sense, and not in another sense, and there’s one particular aspect that makes this story right up my alley. I loved personalities woven throughout this. I had a great sense of who the characters were, what their motivations were and they were clear and present in the moment.The world that was created is full and detailed but without boring overture. I was worried about that in the beginning, but the plot picks up quickly enough that it didn’t distract.

I also absolutely love the way this is written. It’s very poetic and stylized. It fits the piece to a T and brings the reader into the world that is being created. It reminds me very much of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and Beowulf in terms of poetic nature.



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Talya lives in the Pacific Northwest with her girlfriend, their girl-kitty who they believe to be cutest cat in the world, and is constantly balancing a busy slate of boylove stories to write with her day job, hobbies to upkeep, and nail polishes to collect. She has been writing fiction since elementary school and progressed to guy on guy erotica during college, honing her chops on fan fiction until original fiction lured her with its siren call. She loves writing and reading, routinely geeks out over gaming and movies, and watches far too many cooking shows.


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