4.5 Stars for Invicta: Sanctuary (Invicta #2) by Piper Kay – #MM Romance @PiperKayAuthor


Title: Invicta: Sanctuary (Invicta #2)
Author Name: Piper Kay
Publication Date & Length: October 12, 2014 – 141 pgs


What is your sanctuary?
For Mickey, he never needed one, he was his own. Until now. In a situation spinning out of control, Mickey is forced to make a move and he’s not sure how to handle it. He’s an intelligent, self-reliant man who never depended on anyone for anything, but now he is alone for the first time in his life, scared.
By accident, he ends up at Invicta, the hottest new male go-go dance club in town. Owners, Kade and Holt, know the behavior all too well, but Mickey’s trust factor is leveling out on zero, until he spots Toryn. Sometimes sanctuary can be found in the strangest of places.

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Invicta Book 2

This story has some abuse described. If you’re sensitive to that, do not read.

I thought that this book was far better than the first. Mickey and Taylor’s story is one that is probably far more common than not. I did like that the first book was tied in – that Holt and Kade were doing what they could to help better kids who would otherwise have nobody.

Taylor is a new dancer – he is living his life away from a bad past. Mickey is someone who is fighting to gain his own independence from an abusive lover. Mickey keeps showing up in the parking lot of the new club, Invicta and Kade and Holt want to help him.

Mickey is reluctant to accept the help, but when things get out of hand, he has no choice. What was a night of terror, turned in to a night that neither he, nor Taylor would forget.

I loved the mystery behind both Taylor and Mickey’s past – it made for a great story. Taylor is a fun, lovable character and Mickey grows on you too. They have found, in each other, someone who understands their past and is willing to fight for their future.

I can’t wait for the next installment, because I want to see what happens!



Somehow, with just one kiss, he plowed right through the thoughts that had me worried sick all evening, and redirected them to one focal point. Him!  Slowly, I reach for Toryn’s waist with one hand to see if he’ll let me closer or slap me down. God, I feel like I’m in high school on my first damn date again-CHILL Mickey, just calm down. He looks down at my hand, then back to me. Without breaking our eye contact, I feel his hand wrap around mine and tighten. Oh thank fuck!
I yank him into me, lowering my head so our mouths meet. Our kisses, so sloppy, and hungry for each other. I press against him, unable to get enough. Running my hand along his waist to his back, I tightening my grip, and spin him around, slamming him against the wall. He lets out a moan. Before I can stop myself, I bury myself inside his mouth, swallowing every bit of that delicious moan. Fucking hell.
Desperate and greedy, our kisses are full of lust and need, like a thirst that can’t be quenched. No matter how hard you try, it’s sloppy and noisy, which makes it even hotter. Lapping and licking and teasing, neither of us can get enough. Out of breath, he pulls back a little and I refuse. I hold him in a lip-lockdown, there’s no way in hell am I letting him escape this soon. I suck his bottom lip into my mouth, teasing it with the tip of my tongue, trying to get another moan to escape from him so I can devour it. When I pull back, he jerks my head right back to him, overtaking me for control. So we’re having a battle of the wills here, if we don’t take it easy, we’re going to hyperventilate.


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What can I say?  Hmmm…I’m just a country girl at heart for starters. living in Texas tends to do that to a girl.
I’m full of bless your hearts too, but not everyone knows what that really means. Hahaha
I was born in Houston and raised in a little place just twenty miles North, called Old Town Spring.
It’s like one of those little bitty dots on a map, the kind you have to squint your eyes to see it and if you blink you’ll miss it.
Originally, it was an old, country railroad town and was the hide out place for gangsters Bonnie & Clyde.
(Until they decided to shoot up the place, that is.)
Now, the railroad here is one of the biggest train switching stations in the state. Every night you hear
the horns blaring as trains come and go. Plus it rattles the windows.
You get used to it.
This is what I have called home for…well, just say for a long time.

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