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Title: Good as Gold (Heroes at Heart #4)
Author Name & Publisher: Susan Laine (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: July 6, 2016 – 57 Pages


It’s been two and a half years since aspiring writer Yancy Bell met troubled jock Curt Donovan. Yancy works at the NY Public Library, and Curt is studying dance at Juilliard. It’s summer in New York City, and the devoted couple couldn’t be happier together.

Yancy’s book is the story of Curt’s survival of depression and attempted suicide. When his former English professor, Hume, encourages him, Yancy is surprised and pleased—only to be devastated when Hume commits an unethical act. This adversity leads Yancy to a new understanding of depression as he spirals down to his lowest point ever.

It’s Curt’s turn to step up to the plate and become Yancy’s hero.

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This was a great short story.  It had all of the makings of being able to be more too, but I was very happy with the story that unfolded.

Yancy is writing the story of his lover, Curt’s struggle with suicide.  It is Yancy’s way of healing and allowing Curt’s story to be heard in order to, hopefully make talk of suicide and depression something more tangible and real.

Enter Hume.  Right away, Laine gives Hume a snake like quality.  You can just tell that he’s not up to any good and when he is seen for who he truly is, it’s one of those “I knew it!” moments.  It was very satisfying to see him get what he deserved.

I loved how Curt was able to help Yancy through this emotional struggle, but I loved even more how he was just there for Yancy in a way that nobody else was able to be.

This was sweet and heartwarming.



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I’m an award-winning author of LGBTQ erotic romance, often described as M/M (gay) and F/F (lesbian) romance. I write for Dreamspinner Press, DSP Publications, Siren BookStrand, and Evernight Publishing. I’m a Finn but I write in English. I adore gorgeous men getting it on with other gorgeous men. I also like action flicks, pop music, chocolate, saunas, and the seasons in Finland.

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