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Title: Exodus (Valen’s Pack #2)
Author Name: Bailey Bradford


Survival of the fittest? Not when chaos rules.

Rivvie does his best as beta, but he’s lonely and secretly nursing a broken heart. He fell for Matthew instantly, to no avail. Matt was too busy screwing every female in sight. He didn’t give one whit about Rivvie. Well, he told Rivvie he wasn’t interested. Rivvie just didn’t think he meant it.

Matt’s whole life has changed. He was the good son, the village hero, and the village stud. Now he’s just a man in a pack full of exceptional men. He’s a human—smaller, weaker and slower than the shifter males he lives with. External chaos has nothing on the internal crap he deals with every day.

When Rivvie and Matt are paired together for a task, sparks fly. It’s just possible that there’s more to sex—and more to Rivvie—than Matt ever suspected.

While Rivvie is dancing around an attraction to a certain human male, his brother, Valen is trying to lead his pack and take care of his own mate, Aaron. Just when he thinks he’s got everything under control, that very control is yanked from him by a powerful series of natural disasters, and soon Valen’s leading his pack on an exodus he’d never expected.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of BDSM, spanking, CBT and biting.

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I have to admit that it took me a while to really get in to this story. Usually, if a story does not catch me right at the beginning, I have a hard time reading it. While I enjoyed this story, I found it somewhat quirky. Valen was trying desperately to find his pack a new home, the conflict between the two species, the long journey, etc. Everything culminated to a good story, but for me, it was somewhat choppy in its execution.
But, I LOVED the relationship between Valen and Aaron. They were so in love – you could see their devotion to each other in every word. You could feel the relationship grow and change throughout the story. They supported each other and were constantly worried for and about one another.
The relationship between Matt and Rivvie was a little strange to start. Despite all of the angst between them, they just all of a sudden fall in to bed? Not very believable for me. BUT, as the book continued, their relationship grew on me. I loved how they both found they had the same kink – their mutual enjoyment – the sex, man was it hot!
In the end, I did enjoy the book; it came together nicely for me.


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