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Title: Cherish the Land (Land Downs #5)
Author Name & Publisher: Ariel Tachna
Publication Date & Length: June 8, 2015 – 220 pgs


Seth Simms never wanted to be a cowboy, although to listen to his best friend, Jason Thompson, tell it, he isn’t one. He just happens to have lucked out in coming to live on Lang Downs with his brother ten years ago. He found enough stability to finish high school and go off to university, but he never really believed Lang Downs would be the same haven for him that it had become for so many others. He’s too messed up in the head. No one would accept someone with his issues.

All his life, Jason has had one goal: to come home to Lang Downs as resident veterinarian when they need his skills and jackaroo when they don’t. And it means he gets to spend time with Seth during his occasional visits, even though his dream of going from friends to lovers is hopeless since Seth is straight.

When Seth unexpectedly comes home to stay, Jason takes it as the boon it is. But juggling a relationship with another jackaroo and his friendship with Seth isn’t easy, and that’s before Jason realizes how deep Seth’s issues run and how dangerously Seth chooses to cope with them.

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I have to say that while I really enjoyed the two men and the way their story came together, I didn’t particularly like how much of the Taylor’s story we got. I understand that it was necessary, but sometimes I just couldn’t wait for their part of the story to be over so we could get to our boys.. well, the men they’d grown into.
I loved that we’d seen these boys together in the previous books and as they grew up and then we got to follow along as they got their happy ending. This was a nice conclusion to the series as we got to see everything all wrapped up with a pretty bow and everyone was happy.
I can say that I am a fan of Ariel Tachna after reading this series. She has such a wonderful way of writing romance that also has a hefty dose of reality and work thrown in. The characters are all different and have their own issues to deal with and they do so in their own unique way.
The narrator did an EXCELLENT job with the book and I know I will be looking for more books narrated by William James in the future.


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Ariel Tachna lives outside of Houston with her husband, her daughter and son, and their cat. Before moving there, she traveled all over the world, having fallen in love with both France, where she found her husband, and India, where she dreams of retiring some day. She’s bilingual with snippets of four other languages to her credit, and is as in love with languages as she is with writing.


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