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Title: Broken Bridges
Author Name: Cheyenne Meadows
Publication Date: January 2, 2015


Alpha wolf shifter Detective Dax Steel is hip deep in homicide cases, all bear shifters who seemingly died in of natural causes in their prime. To make matters worse, the murders throw him back in contact with his ex-lover, Adin.

Adin shares the same genetics as the victims and a healthy appetite for the sexy and addictive Dax. A two week blazing hot affair between them fell apart almost as quickly as it started, leaving Adin longing but hesitant to risk his heart once more.

Can Dax track down the killer before Adin lands in his crosshairs? Will they come together as a team and find love is lasting after all?

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Dax and Adin have a history that was full of fire – but a fire that dwindled quickly. Despite their past, when Adin’s life is in danger, Dax can’t help but try to protect him, even if that means pushing Adin away again. Both have killer instincts and a need to take care of themselves.

When Adin and Dax come together, the sex is intense, animalistic and incredible. Their connection is so strong, but their individual needs are still what they were before – Dax’s need to protect, Adin’s need to ensure that he doesn’t lose himself.

Frustrated with the murder case, Dax is slowly teasing out who is responsible. I liked how his extra abilities allowed him to see the truth in some and the lies in others. Also, I liked how the author was able to write a very well planned out murder mystery in such a short amount of time.
I was a little disappointed that the villain was resolved as quickly as it was, because I would have liked to know more about the history in that story.Overall this was a great mystery, one that kept the reader on their toes. I would definitely read this author again.



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Growing up in the Midwest, I began reading romance novels in high school, immediately falling in love with the genre, to the point where I decided to write professionally for a career. However, that dream splattered against a brick wall and resulting quick death in my first writing class in college when my professor told me bluntly that I wasn’t any good at it.

I shifted gears quickly, and left my writing dreams behind, eventually settling on being a nurse. A few years back, I stumbled across a fan-fiction writing site on a favorite author’s webpage. I began to read stories others wrote, not only making some wonderful close friends from the experience, but also, really learning to write for the very first time. Here I was able to share short stories, practice my writing skills, and truly develop into a writer. More than that, the experience allowed me to revitalize my dream, as I rediscovered joy in writing.

When I’m not working or writing, I enjoy working in the garden, canning, and seeing my backyard as a living canvas for my whimsical landscaping, and, of course, reading romance novels.


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