4.5 Star Review for Princess Charming: A Sweet Lesbian Romance by Mia Archer #FF #Romance

: Princess Charming: A Sweet Lesbian Romance
Author Name: Mia Archer
Publication Date & Length: May 4, 2016 – 260 pgs


The world thought being a princess was so cool, but Amelia knew the truth: it sucked.

One kiss with another girl. One photograph that went viral. One international firestorm of gossip and Amelia finds herself banished halfway around the world to America to cool her heels and wait for the gossip to die down.

A trip to Royal Realms was supposed to be the best part of Dani’s school band career, but she was miserable.

So she realized she was into girls. So she broke up with her longtime boyfriend. He didn’t have to hold a grudge and do everything he could to ruin her trip. Dani was on her perfect vacation and all she wanted to do was escape.

Two girls desperate to break free. Two girls who are about to be thrown together by a chance meeting. Royal Realms is supposed to be the place where dreams come true, and sparks will fly as princess meets band geek in an unexpected romance hot enough to cause an international incident!

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I still love how Mia Archer writes. Her books are fun, light-hearted, sweet, and romantic. This one is no different. This time we’ve got a band geek and a princess. There is nothing more American than a band geek. And there is nothing Americans love more than the whole princess mystique. I love the ironic setting where this story takes place; it makes the events even more amusing even as it showcases our fascination with princess stories even as it points out that what we believe is so very far from reality. Disney has lied to us about how our prince will come, about how true love overcomes all obstacles, and about how happy endings are always there if you just stay true to yourself. Reality proves these things aren’t always true, and in fact, are rare. Not to mention the fact that some of us don’t want Prince Charming, and some of us want to be the one sweeping a princess off her feet. So for those of us in those shoes, somewhere out there is a Princess Charming for us. I still have the same problems with Archer’s stories as usual, which I don’t expect to change because it’s also part of what makes her stories so great. Her stories take place over a couple of days and it always seems to me that that is too soon for such deep emotion to develop. But at the same time, the romantic in me loves the idea of love at first sight, and that sometimes you’ll just know when you meet the one. If you’re looking for entertainment, you can’t go wrong. This was a really enjoyable read.

Amy P


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