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Title: In From The Cold (Coyote’s Call #2)
Author Name: Bailey Bradford
Publication Date: May 8, 2015


Running away twenty years ago didn’t mean Gael could ever escape his past.

Gael Martinez fled the small Texas town of Del Rey the minute he turned sixteen. Legal or not, he had to leave or end up dead. Life’s been hard, and everything Gael ever hoped for has been stripped from him. He’s close to giving up, so worn down from fighting to live every day. When incredible information reaches him that gives him a reason to hang in there, at least a little longer, Gael is afraid to hope for a better life.

An accidental encounter leads to him being told things have changed with the coyote den that had been floundering in Del Rey years ago. Miller Hudson, the coyote shifter alpha, had found his mate, and the den was now flourishing—and the biggest miracle of all, some of the shifters could now actually shift.

As tempted as that makes him to return, it could all be a bunch of lies and Gael is still hesitant, even though he yearns to go home. There’s no point if he’s only likely to be killed. Dying at another’s hands isn’t the way Gael ever intends to die.

It’s only upon discovering the changes regarding some of the humans in Del Rey that allow Gael to truly consider going home.

What he finds in the small town is more than just a home. He finds himself, and the man he’s always meant to be.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of BDSM, BDSM-related genital torture and spanking, as well as references to fisting and to the sexual abuse of a secondary character.

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I was so happy to find this book came back to the den and the men we met in Off Course!
These characters had a completely new dynamic than the previous book so it was nice to watch as their relationship developed even through past trauma and nasty people out for blood.
We felt just how hard it is to be homeless and what it is like to be taken in by people who want to help. It’s not as easy as it would seem.
While Ms. Bradford once again wowed my shorts off with the fluidity and believably in her characters and the plot, I did have issues with some of the consistencies from book one to book two. In book one, they were clean from disease and healed quickly and it didn’t seem like that held true in this one even though one of the men wasn’t a shifter I would think with his enhanced senses some of that would have. Also, at the end when everyone is shifting to their animals and back to human to animal, it was confusing as to which state they were in and there was no mention of the fact that they normally would shred their clothing when shifting and they never redressed before meeting humans again.
Even so I can’t wait for the next part of the story!


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