4.5 Star and TWO 4 Star Reviews for Piece of Cake: The Wedding (Wedding Novellas) by Gun Brooke #FF #Romance

CoverTitle: Piece of Cake: The Wedding (Wedding Novellas)
Author Name & Publisher: Gun Brooke (Bold Strokes Books)
Publication Date: August 1, 2016


Kendal Moore knows she’s being used shamelessly by her boss, Holly McAllister. What’s more, Kendal has willingly agreed to it. Holly needs a wife to remain in the US despite an expired visa. Now it’s their wedding day. Kendal is about to marry the woman she secretly loves, but she is afraid. What if she fails Holly by getting last-minute cold feet?
Holly McAllister tries to keep up her usual stern demeanor. If she doesn’t marry, all she’s worked for is lost. She is surprised that the only person she can imagine marrying is her assistant, Kendal, whose loyalty she always relied on. Now Holly’s heart and conscience insist she must talk to Kendal and call off the wedding. She can’t take advantage of the woman she’s grown to love. Kendal deserves more.

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This is such a sweet short. Holly and Kendal struggle with their situation because both are afraid to expose the feelings they each have for the other. At the 11th hour, both women are having second thoughts, not because they can’t stomach the idea of being together, but because they’re afraid that the other will have sacrificed too much and come to resent the other. And they each care too much for that to happen. Even so, most of the story the two are dancing around any type of admittance of how they really feel. It almost feels like an entire courting ritual in the space of a few hours. I liked how each genuinely had feelings for the other. Also, I really enjoyed the interracial aspect of the relationship, because it was dealt with so matter-of-factly. And also Brooke used such a deft touch letting us know about it that we got the picture without the type of heavy-handed repeated descriptors reminding us that Kendal was black every time Holly looked at her. It felt like it was mentioned because it was notable, but then, having let us know, we were allowed to relax in to their relationship without having to constantly be reminded. I guess what I’m trying to say is that it was treated like it was just a normal thing, and that was wonderful to read. I did knock off a half a star, simply because like most short stories that I enjoy, I would’ve liked more. I would have loved to have gotten more of their story before the wedding, and mostly because I liked Holly and Kendal so much I didn’t want to let them go. I believe this was written and included in an anthology centering around a wedding theme, and if so, I’d definitely go looking for the anthology based just on how good this story was.
Amy P
Gun Brooke has written a lovely novella of hidden love between two women about to marry. Kendal and Holly are marrying to keep Holly in the country and are insisting it’s a marriage of convenience. On the day of their wedding we find out their true feelings for each other are romantic and sexy and intensely loving. I enjoyed this story as it was just the kind of mushy romance I love.
Kitty Kat

I enjoyed getting to know Holly and Kendal! I love the idea of the boss and the assistant. This little story was a great break in my day.

Well written, entertaining, and sweet! Would have loved a full novel with these ladies, but loved to meet them just the same. My only issues with the story was not getting to know the characters more; however, that is the downfall of a shorter work and was to be expected. All-in-all, it was a sweet story that was well worth the read!



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Gun Brooke resides in the countryside in Sweden with her very patient family. A retired neonatal intensive care nurse, she now writes full time, only rarely taking a break to create web sites for herself or others and to do computer graphics. Gun writes both romances and sci-fi. She is the recipient of the 2009 Alice B. Medal for “body of work.”

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