4.5 Star and 3 Star Reviews for Finding Family by Connie Bailey #MM #Romance @dreamspinners

CoverTitle: Finding Family
Author Name & Publisher: Connie Bailey (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: June 1, 2016 – 234 pgs


When you find your family, you’ll do anything to keep it.

When Charles Macquarrie inherits a fortune and an international clothing company, he also inherits three young cousins he desperately needs help raising. By a stroke of luck, he discovers and hires Jonathan Lamb, who spent his life in a children’s home due to chronic illness, to be his nanny.

If Jon thought a budding romance with his wealthy boss complicated his life, he has no idea of the hardships awaiting him when he’s charged with embezzlement and kidnapping. But even when threatened by accounting discrepancies and mob connections, Jon and Charles won’t let go of the family they’ve built together without a fight.

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This is my first book by this author and I stupefied as to why I haven’t read more of her books. This is another book in the Dreamspun Desires series. At first I was a little unsure when the author takes the turn into a somewhat mystery but as I read further I just could put the book down. The character development was great even though Jon appeared to be somewhat naïve. I loved the secondary characters almost as much as the main characters. Even though this book can be consider a light mystery it also had humor in it. I really love when a just seems to know the exact point to inject humor into the story. The children in this story were a perfect fit and I love all of them. Overall this was a great story and I would love to hear more from Bunny.



So, in Finding Family, we have orphan Jonathon Lamb, who is accepted to be the nanny for rich businessman Charles Macquarrie’s 3 young cousins. Jonathon was like super nanny, the kids loved him and he could do no wrong. Somehow though, it was hard to connect with him. I liked when he showed quirks like talking to himself, but other than that, I didn’t really get sense of his true self.
Charles was…Charles. I didn’t connect with him either. The romance between them was sort of…not there. I felt no chemistry even if it was told to us that they were falling for each other. They didn’t even really get together until passed the 75% mark on me ereader. It just dragged. The kids were kids. Nothing really special there.
I thought Charles was really dumb for taking somebody’s word that his business was ruined before checking it for himself. DUMB. Instead he packed up the nanny and 3 kids he wanted nothing to do with and took of. That did not endear me to him and I was already struggling to finish the story.
Ah, I’ll give it 3 stars anyway cause the author tried. I just wasn’t into it. The story had potential though.


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Connie Bailey is a Luddite who can’t live without her computer. She’s an acrophobic who loves to fly, a fault-finding pessimist who, nonetheless, is always surprised when something bad happens, and an antisocialite who loves her friends like family. She’s held a number of jobs in many disparate arenas to put food on the table, but writing is the occupation that feeds her soul.

Connie lives with her ultralight designer husband at a small grass-strip airfield halfway between Disney World and Busch Gardens. Logic and reality have had little to do with her life, and she likes it that way.

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